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Motives Lustrafy high Definition Mascara

Don't you feel overtly excited when suddenly you remember that you have some gifts or money stashed somewhere and you find it just out of the blue? Well, I do. I tend to keep my money here and there and then, forget all about it. This time, it happened with a few pieces of my makeup. Well, I think I'm getting over my makeup addiction. but well, don't worry. I might not want to buy in bulks now, still I treat myself every now and then. Oops, I'm digressing. Coming back to point, I found a few pieces of my makeup in my bookshelf LOL.

So, I started using them again and today i am going to review a mascara.

it seems I found it in good time since my Maybelline Colossal volume just got over.

I had not heard too much about this brand before. but when I searched on the net, I was quite impressed. But, what impressed me were the products.I like mascara wands to be thin and with thorny bristles and on my first look, it was love at first sight.

price: $16.95

The bottle size is not too big, but it holds quite some amount of the product.

What the brand claims?

( from the website)
Primary Benefits of Motives® Lustrafy High-Definition Mascara:

Will not clump, flake or glob


Patented brush provides superior lash definition

What Makes Motives® Lustrafy High-Definition Mascara Unique?
Brushes make all the difference with makeup application, especially with mascara! Our new Lustrafy High-Definition Mascara will define, separate and lengthen your lashes like never before. The secret is in the revolutionary High-Definition brush with rubber bristles that fans out and lengthens each lash as it sweeps on mascara from root to tip. No more clumps or globs, just beautifully defined long lashes.

What I claim:
I did not have too much of expectations from this mascara and I have no idea what a HD mascara is supposed to do. But what I noticed was that the mascara was highly pigmented. the consistency is neither runny, not clumpy which makes it so easy to work with.
Whatever the consistency is, a wand does all the tricks of a mascara. ( it is something what I am ready to pay for). When I wore it, it did not make my lashes thick like clumped with mascara, but they looked dark and defined like my lashes but better, or a bit too better. It dried in seconds and when i touched my lashes, they were stiff, but felt only like I have put on some serum or like that. I mean, I did not feel the mascara on them, although the effect was totally there. I really tend to forget I am wearing one.

I went to the bathroom and splashed my face with water and rubbed my lashes between my fingers. Nothing came off. you need a good oil based remover to remove it.

So, my likes and dislikes:

1) the wand is amazing. it is suitable to work of both upper and lower lashes. the bristles literally comb through the lashes coating each lash no matter what the length.

2) The package is quite good. It's a heavy glass bottle ( but a stout one) and the quantity I see inside is quite good.

3) The color is very dark, so it looks very natural on my lashes.

4) Defines my lashes right the way I have always wanted them to be.

5) Holds up throughout the day.

6) does not smudge .

7) does not budge even with water.

8) looks natural.

9) Love the lightweight texture

What I did not like:

1) The price: It's too pricey. but had it available in India, I would have purchased it. ( I try to avoid online shopping).

2) Since it does not add much body the the lashes, might not be the best friend for people with short or thin lashes.

3) removing might be a pain.
otherwise, yes, it's my most loved mascara right now .

Do I recoomend? yes. I strongly do. but for girls with short and thin lashes, Maybelle Colossal Volume would be still a winner.
Shall I repurchase? I would love to even though I am constantly in search of new products.

Here is a quick EOTD I did when going out

I am wearing
Bourjois Healthymix foundation in shade 54

Lakme Glide on eye color in Baked Bronze

Elle18 colorbomb eyeliner in black

Motives by Loren Ridinger high definition Lustrafy mascara

So, what do you think? Yay or nay?

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Disclaimer: The product was sent to me by the brand for review. but that has not affected my opinion.


  1. I love this mascara!! Great review :)

  2. great review! How do you click pics so clearly without flash?
    following you through networkedblogs, and liked your FB page too.
    Happy blogging :D

  3. the brush is quite flexible and nice..:)

  4. you know i love ur eye balls...sounds weird but yes the eye balls specifically!

  5. @ Raksha: really. This one is good

    @Karishma: Hahaha. you noticed. Here is what I do. I sit near my window where there is sufficient daylight. I use the manual mode of my point and shoot cam with high ISO around 800. I also switch off the flash. And yes, go with a macro mode. Everything should be fine.

    @ Bhumika: The HD one is not :(. It bends etc, but does not stay that way :(

    @ Ansh: Hahaha. I know. They way you were thinking about circle lens and doll eyes :P

  6. Your lashes look incredible; I always love brushes like that myself!

  7. nice review..as vanity mentioned ur eye iris luks so awesom n tis pic^__^

  8. it looks promising, ur lashes look really long.nice review

  9. Thanks for the review dear :)

  10. Never used this! but looks really good! :-)
    thanks for your wishes im back :)

  11. Thanks for the pictures and your honest review! I will keep this mascara in mind.:D

    ***** Marie *****
    Freeman Beauty Blogger Kit Giveaway

  12. @ Vijis: Thanks dear. yeah. these are so easy to work with
    @ sunaa: Now I'm really feeling good. :P
    @ Ammu: Thanks. yes. I'm really liking this one.
    @ Indgal: You are welcome :)
    @ ZatZ: Awwww. The little one must be very demaning right now?
    @ Marie: Thanks. Yes. it's worth checking out

  13. Looks like a nice mascara..


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