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Rimmel Recover Anti fatigue Concealer

Last day I was telling you what a panda I am. So it's no wonder that my make up collection would also consist of a few concealers ( affordable ones). A couple, when I did not possess a single concealer or did not know what to do with them I came across this. yes, Rimmel Recover Anti Fatigue Concealer. I was not aware of existence of this product until my sister came from the UK. She was dressing up for an evening out and she put this miracle product which made her look so much the fresher. I wanted to try it out and I instantly loved it.
  my sister being the best sister in the world, next time she came got me one as well without my having to ask her. :P

No, that's not me and my sister. We look better than this LOL

A closer look

The shade was called Beige 

My experience:
The concealer is liquid and comes with a wand which makes it all the more fit for the under eye area. It has very very finely milled shimmers which are almost indiscernible which instantly really brightens up the under eye area. The pigmentation is awesome and it covers up the dark circles beautifully without making it look made up. Once blended and set with a powder it hold up pretty good. however, if not blended and set properly, it might crease. It also worked as a good base for my eye shadows.

Here is my review:

1) It does what it claims. it brightens the under-eye area without highlighting your circles, rather covering them up beautifully.
2) matched my skin tone perfectly.
3) Easy to blend.
4) Easy to carry around. The wand makes it all the more easy to use and it also picks up justt he right amount of the product,
5) Goes over nicely and the texture is just right.
6) Used on popping out pimples, it dried them up although it never dried up my skin.
7) The package is good.
8) Drugstore brand and easy to find in Europe.
9) It was quite long stay for a product that doesn't claim anything 'tall'. :P

1) Even for a drug store brand IMO kind of expensive. 5ml comes for about £ 8
2) Not available in India.

Recently it got expired and I threw it away. I miss my concealer now
overall: it's really a good product and I liked it a great deal even on my oily skin.

Do I recommend? Yes, I do.
Shall I repurchase? Yes, if I can lay my hands on them


  1. Sounds great Nivedita!!! Thanks for the review :D

  2. i want it..no rimmel here :\

  3. this sounds great. even I need a concealer very badly, but it is very hard to find a good concealer on a budget. another problem is that I find it very hard to get the right shade for my skin tone.

  4. Good concealers are life savers on stressed out days n nothing better to have one more of these magic wands:)...like it!

  5. rimmel has great stuff..should come to India soonn..

  6. @ Vanity: I wish Rimmel was available in India as well.
    @ you could try Bourjois. I am very happy with that one. The have a good range unless your skintone is very dark. Let me know if you find a good one as well.
    @ggg: true. for us, the night birds, they are real heroes :P
    @ Bhumika: Yeah. I agree with you too. Is rimmel listening to me?

  7. No Rimmel here :( I want to try sum of their stuff from d utube tutes :| Gr8 product na:)

  8. where can i get this in calcutta

  9. @ Shweta: :( Even I am out of this. Asked my sis to get some more for me. :( But I have found a best firend. The Bio-Detox concealer from Bourjois.
    @ Devarati: Sorry dear it too so much time to respond to you. I'm all the more sorry because this is not available in India. :( but there are plenty of other options as well

  10. i will keep an eye on this 1


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