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Rimmel Sweet Seduction Palette -review

With Puja round the corner I  need to shop. but for a week or more I'm down with flu. The rain is a wet blanket which is making the situation worse and I wanted to share with you a few products that have been my recent pets. While I put it up for some other day, I decided to review a palette which I have had for sometime. I love it, but I so love to look at it that I'm always scared that I would finish it up and it would be cease to be the eye candy that it is to me. I know it's absurd and I must not let it sit snugly on my shelf. So, I am planning to carry it to my ancestral place when I go on a visit. ok, let me present Rimmel Sweet Seduction Palette

Yes, it is this compact. I love the crowns printed on it :)
OK, this is how it looks without the cover

Quantity and composition:

Price: it was a gift from my sister. She picked this up for her greedy little sis ( me of course) from UK.

now the actual palette

It has four lipcolors, six eye shadows and a blush with a three shade spectrum. An applicator and a brush and a mirror

Now my take:

The BLUSH: it has a baby pink, a medium pink and a maroonish dark reddish shade.
what I like:
1) It has three shades which you can control by sweeping the brush over that side. That way you can control the color as well.
2) The blush is pretty pigmented and if you are not careful, you would easily go over the top and then... fall of course.
3) There is not much fall out.
4) not shimmery, but brightens up the face instantly.
5) Has no significant odor.
1) The lightest pink is a bit less pigmented, but still it works fine.
otherwise, I think the gloss is the best feature.

The EYESHADOWS: It has a lgiht brown, a lavender, a  dark brown, an aqua blue, a grey and a greyish black.
1) Everyday wear neutral colors that enhances the eyes.
2) Good for creating a good smokey look as well.
3) The colors are quite pigmented and stay on for quite sometime. They easily last for 6 hours on my oily lids without a base and does not crease if blended properly.
4) not shimmery. I like mattes better. They show up better in photographs.
6) Six shades in a small palette is good .
7) The quantity is quite good.

1) the neutrals do not show up on my dark lids easily. That's the fault of my eyes of course. Not the shades.
2) All the colors are not equally pigmented.
3) The lavender shows up pink on my lids. With a base it's just fine.

Now, the LIP COLORS:
It has four shades. A hot pink ( my favorite), a brown, a gold and a beige.
1) I absolutely adore the hot pink. it makes my lips look so luscious but not fakey pink.
2) they are moisturizing and cream-gloss kind.
3) Stay on for quite a long time.
4) Can be mixed in combinations with the pink for different effects.
5) Pigmentation is good for a gloss, poor for a lipstick and these hover somewhere between.
1) Except for the pink, the shades are not wearable on their own. ok, I admit many love them, but I can;t make them work for me esp, since I love all the bright lip colors.

Overall Likes:
This is so compact, sturdy packaging, and so useable. so, I'm absolutely liking this.
does anybody know if there is any other combination available?

Do I recommend? oh yes.
Shall I repurchase? I would love to. but this one is enough to satiate my greed and lust for a palette.

What do you think? Try or pass?


  1. elder sisters are darling they shower love like this always,my elder sis also gifted me once such palette few years back.It was my life for long!
    I like the blushes n lip color.great for travel!

  2. Great palette. Try wearing neutral colours after you prime your lids with a primer or a light shaded concealer.They will show up.

  3. looks like a nice palette. its just wonderful to have sisters :D. I too am loving the hot pink swatch

  4. Nice review, hope you get better!

  5. Such a sweet thing it is.. where did u buy it? Is it still available?

  6. loved the gloss shades.....ur sister wantrs to adopt me ???:puppyface:

  7. me drooooooooooooooooooooooooooools

  8. im not mad about eye shadow palettes! hehe..

  9. Looks sooooo cute!!!!


    I also love such palettes....though I realize i dont end up using them a lot!

  10. ok now you gonna flaunt another rimmel :\

  11. aww! get well soon!

    That palette is gorgeous. I love the blush shades and the bright lip colour.

  12. Pretty combo..:)
    get well soon..


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