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Dove Anti Hairfall Hairmask

While I give my hauls a bit rest, let me review a most satisfactory product. I have been having hair woes until I was reading a magazine. It was about Priyanka Chopra and her luscious hair. Yes, I agree that she has very beautiful hair. Although she was an ambassador of Sunsilk, it was not an endorsement. She simply advised to deep condition the hair once or twice every week. Hair masks of these kind, rather deep conditioners of this kind is the solution. I had used L'Oreal Total Repair Hair Mask and hearing my sister's experience of it, I also went ahead. So, here it is

Price and Quantity : 200 INR (approx) for 200 ml. Fair enough.

Directions of use:

No mention of these.
In fact there is nothing written on it.

My experience of it:
It is a thick cream. In fact it is very dense. you need only a blob for hair reaching down the shoulder. It lasts really long.
Since there was no direction, I used it simply as I used the L'Oreal hair mask. After I shampoo carefully, I gently massage this cream along the hair body and put up my hair in a crunch clip. After 5 minutes, I wash it off with cold water or luke warm water( when I cannot stand cold water).

My hair feels great and it keeps dryness at bay.

So, the pros

1) Good quantity for the price
2) Smells good
3) It leaves my hair very soft and shiny as well.
4) Keeps the hair from drying.
5) Doesn't make any absurd tall claims.
6) Doesn't weigh the hair down.
7) Did not give me itchy scalp unlike the Dove Shampoo.
8) One tub would last you for months

The cons:
1) If you use it after conditioning with regular conditioner, it does not work properly.
2) At times it runs out of the market.
3) No direction or ingredient
Shall I repurchase? Yes. It is quite a decent product and so much at reasonable rate.

FYI: My sister would vouch for this. She has beautiful naturally frizz free hair. When she started swimming her hair turned haywire from the chlorine water. I suggested this to her. Within two week of usage ( on alternate days), her shiny mane was back like magic and that time she litt thanked me :P

What's your thought on this hair mask? Do you use deep conditioners as well? Which ones do you use? Let me know since there might be some other miracle products I had missed


  1. I am using the Dove Nourishing Oil range mask and quite loving it..I want to try the L'oreal Spa tub next..

  2. hey i have d dove hair mask too, but from d oil care range..yet to try it. i hope its as good as ds one

  3. im looking for a good hair mask. might give it a try. v good review.

  4. It sounds like a nice product! Although I do not have thinning hair, I need a deep conditioner or mas to keep the frizzies and dryness away.

  5. I used to use Dove intensive repair hair masque, that was discontinued and I switched to this one for a while, quite like it, good deep hydration for the hair.

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  7. it really works????.............. actually i am disappointed by this brand.......... nice review... suvo dipabali...

  8. I tried Sunsilk Smooth conditioner(Yelow pack), after a lot of time in sea water, and it did not disappoint me. Left me with very soft and manageable hair :)

  9. Does it help in reducing the hair fall???!!

  10. @ Bhumika: Wow. Would try to get hold of them then.
    @ Vanity: let me know for sure. As such I'd be reading your review of it. looking forward to it
    @ Kuheli: You already have a huge mane of beautiful hair! But yes, taking care would help a lot as well
    @ Harshleen: Yeah. Even I had been trying out masks to add that something special. lustrous hair is something we all love :)

  11. @ IBC: Exactly my thoguths. I haven't tried the intensive repair one . But had heard good things about the shampoo as well
    @ Ani: It doesn;t do much for hairfall. Application to roots might actually lead to more haorfall. But intensive moisturization? Yes! Absolutely
    @ I am using the pink one. Both the shampoo and the conditioner and I now adore them
    @ GGG: Nah! I did not notice anything. Application to roots might lead to some more hairfall :P But it really moisturizes my hair


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