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Faces Long Wear Pencil-- Forest Green

I picked up the eye pencil that the counter girl pledged as being "really good". And then I asked Nivedita if there is any review of it here. She asked me if I could do a review of it.

The name is FACES (Canada) Long Wear Eye Pencil.
It is manufactured by Schwan STABILO Cosmetics, based in Germany. (Though I have no idea whatsoever why the name has "Canada" with it. Never mind.)
The products are imported and marketed by FACES Cosmetics, India.

The Cover:
It was simply wrapped in tight plastic shield, so no pack or box came with it. I got the Forest Green color, which is pretty rich.
The sales girl assured that it stays long, and would take cleansing milk to remove.
The color would be smooth, and would not make creases on the eyelid.

Nt. Wt. - 1.15g
MRP - 249.00 INR
Shade: Forest Green
Faces Cosmetics Long Wear pencil in Forest Green

1) It does stay long! I applied it at 8.30am and went to a couple of places in the sultry Kolkata weather of mid-October, and when I came back home after more than 11hours, I saw that it was intact.
2) The feel is smooth. You just have to apply it very softly and once, and the color will be rich.
3) Though I got the Forest Green shade, there are shades like black, dark blue, grey and others which I can't recall right now. :-(
4) Good value for money.

1) The pack could have been better.
2) I don't like to sharpen pencils, and this one - though the sales girl promised would be easy to sharpen with a Lakme sharpener - scares me as I have not had to sharpen it yet.

Would I recommend:
Yes, I would. Ignoring the fact that it has to be sharpened, this is a great product for those who do not like to retouch their makeup in every 3hours. If you like to keep it steady, I would say you can try it out once.

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