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I am back!! and my experience of Flipkart.com

Hey friends! I am back.. Phew!! at last!! It seems like this is the longest span of time I have been away from beauty at times is skin deep and there seems to be a lot of things to catch up including your lovely posts.
Still, the trip was nice. I went to places which were so remote that even the cellphones don't work, leave out internet. It was so cold that I almost forgot what the summer heat meant back here in Kolkata.

There is a lot to share and lot to show . I still haven;t shown you my Puja haul and I also got a few stuff from my trip. I promise to go bonkers with my camera and show you everything in a few days.
In the meantime, I wanted to tell you about my experience of flipkart.com.
Some of you might be knowing that I am a bit awry of purchasing things online. Especially when it comes to books. Why? Those of you who are from Kolkata knows College Street. Need I say more? ok, for those who do not know, it is an entire area which sells books . there are big shops and small stall, dumped books on the road side like trashes ( no you can't pick up and walk away in case you have been wondering). The area is more than a century old and a number of ancient colleges and universities are located in the region. You can find almost any book over there. But... yes, a but,.. you have to know what book you want.
I have been looking for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for a while. Yes, I still like reading children;s books. but I could not find it anywhere. So, when I saw it on flipkart I had to order. Books are something that I am never tired of. I also placed another book by Gerald Durrel. Here is my purchase

The experience
This was the first time I bought and I was pretty skeptic. When I placed my order I immediately got an email letting me know all the details I needed. Next day I got a text asking me to keep the cash ready since I had opted for COD option. Within an hour or so, one of the books arrived. The book was nicely wrapped in a big paper package. Inside, the book was tightly wrapped with cellophane. the book also had a bookmark from flipkart. There was no sign of damage at all.
I received the other book on the next day going through the same procedures and the same experience.

So, what I liked:
1) The COD option.
2) Free shipping over 100INR in aggregate. less than that you need to pay 30 bucks extra ( almost equal to your commutation fare to the store).
3) prompt delivery.
But this is not always true for all the books. My friend bought a rare book and it took almost more than two weeks to be delivered. But the book had to be imported. So, we are not complaining.
4) The books are original and not at all damaged.
5) There are plenty of discounts on the books. I got almost 50% discount.
6) Good stock. I found some works of Sarte and Camus which I could not find elsewhere.

What I did not like?
Can't think of any.

I would shop from flipkart again. OK, it might not give you the pleasure of holding the books and feeling them, but still, if you are looking for anything particular and have a passion for bargained prices, this is the best option IMO

I know many of you shop from flipkart. What do you think about this site? for those of you who don't what's your thought? Let me know for sure


  1. I love shopping from Flipkart..Have already ordered sooooooo many books..I love their "notify me" feature the most..I always come to know whenever the book I want is in stock..and immediately order it!!! :D :D :D

  2. Hey Nivedita welcome back, hope your sojourn in the Himalayas was relaxing & refreshing :) I see you've snagged some really good books! I had shopped from Flipkart once, somehow they took over 5 days to deliver the book (it was from local warehouse & still took too long) But they do have amazing book selection and great prices, guess will have to check it out once more :D

  3. good choice. hope ur trip was great. and talk to me asap. :P

  4. I have been buying books from flipkart for an year now and I dont have a single complaint. They are simply excellent(at least in my opinion). Books were always in perfect condition,nice packaging and at times cheaper than College Street. When i don't find a book at College Street,Flipkart is my second choice...its the best place to purchase New Releases,u get better discounts than College Street :)
    You could also try uread.com. Their delivery time isn't that good (I got books delivered two days late) but the packaging and the condition of the books were fine,at times the prices were cheaper than flipkart,u could give it a try as well :)

  5. I bought 90% of the books from flipkart only. I love their service. I even bought philips hair dryer,rice cooker, cellphone and my coffee machine from that site :P. Loads of books which I want is available there. The book stores here don't have many international author varieties so flipkart really comes in handy ^_^. GREAT that you liked flipkart too :).

  6. yo r def ryt it has amazing collection n books!!!
    eager to c ur trip pics & welcome bac!!!

  7. hey glad to know you had a greeat time..yes now you have a lot to catch up (like reading ALL my posts :P ) btw there r a few books which i've been wanting since eternity but could not, so may be i shall check. nd we have a similar mkt in delhi also..its daryiganj..book lovers pradise

  8. nice! is it only in india? have you read dork diaries? i love kids books too :P reading an online version of wimpy kid at the moment :)

    Please join my giveaway -

  9. Glad you are back..hope you had a nice trip..I have not ordered yet from Flipkart..but might try sometime..

  10. @ Kimi: Yes, I hear the wishlist is also very good.
    @IBC: That might be an exceptional case. Let's see if it happens to us as well. Even the book which I got on the nest day was from College Street ware house only.
    @ Kuheli: Yes dear ir was. Kohkon online ashbi jana
    @ Swarnali: Ah, great to know about uread as well. true, the discounts these days at college street is fluctuating. I am very irritated as well. still I find the feel of holding so many books a greater pleasure than anything else
    @ Crazypoplock: Wow. I wanted a new cellphone as well. Looks like I should give flipkart a thought.
    @ Sunaa: Thanks dear. how have you been? I have so much of things to share, the hauls, the trip, little purchases from my trip as well. :)
    @ Vanity: Hey, I have heard about Daryaganj as well, but I did not know it was the College Street equivalent. Yes, I think checking on flipkart would be a great idea. I am eyeing several other books as well.
    @ bhumika: Thanks girl. yes, if you need books give it a try. I'm sure you would not be disappointed

  11. Hey,
    I heard about Flipkart from a friend in August '11, and within 2 months I have bought at least 7 books!
    They let you add to-be-released books to your Wishlist, so that you can order it later. Like, I got C.Bhagat's Revolution2020 at just 84 INR within 1 week of the release!
    Also, I got some nice Bangla books, like Durgesh Nandini by Bankim Chandra, and a couple of Suchitra Bhattacharya's novels as well as one Ek Dojon Goppo by Satyajit Ray.
    Now even my brother is addicted to Flipkart, and he has got The Calcutta Chromosome, while my Maa is reading The Zoya Facotr - all thanks to Flipkart!

  12. OH MY GAAAAAAWD.>! YOU ARE BAKKKKKKKKK!! Been missing out on yua sweet comments and frequent posts Nivedita!

    Am supah supah glad that u are baak!

  13. @ Anon: Here, we are talking about flipkart and my personal experience and not doing a comparative research so we are not exactly concerned about which website charges more than the other.


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