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My Experience of Urbantouch.com

I'm sorry for being MIA for a while. I would continue to be so till October 22. Well, I am excited because I would be going on a trip!!! Yay!! it's going to be a long trip and I always love to go to the Himalayas, no matter which part it is. I feel so quiet and calm.
Now, however I love the hills, higher altitudes have always given me acne breakouts and the higher radiation makes my skin very very dark. Since I try to keep things minimum while traveling, I do not carry much skincare products. This time I did not want to compromise. My Himalaya Night cream was almost finished. Ever since my happy brush with Lotus Phyto Rx moisturizer, I have been watching out to try more products. I decided to get  night Cream. My mum wanted a body lotion, but we had no time to go to the shop since we were leaving for our ancestral house in five days.
I have been hearing about Urbantouch a lot and I was curious myself. Since they have COD, there cannot be any loss. I promptly ordered two products. I placed the order on 26th night and received a mail on 27th morning. I was given a tracking number. on  Friday, I received a phone call in the morning informing me that my parcel would arrive in half an hour.
When I received the parcel i was really very very happy. It was a black box with Urbantouch written on it. The box it self was tightly wrapped in cellophane making it waterproof and tamperproof as well. it was again wrapped with a paper cover.
Sorry for the blurry photos

Inside, the goods were neatly and tightly packed with lots of thermocol.

here is what I got

I got  Vaseline Body Lotion with SPF 24. I got a Vaseline Healthy white lip balm free with it. I got a discount of Rs9
I also got a Lotus Night Cream on Rs 30 discount.
Now, here is the best part, they also included a lot of samples.

The sachets have 1 Oxy men's face wash, 1 VLCC men;s facewash, 1 VLCC SPF 30 cream and 1 Acne's facewash.
Since I received my order so fast I am really happy and impressed with Urbantouch.com.
Now the pros:
1) Free shipping.
2) Cash on Delivery
3) Fast delivery.
4) Shipping info with tracking number.
5) They let you know when they are coming.
6) The packaging is really impressive.
7) products are always on discount unlike in the regular stores.
8) They also have NYX cosmetics which I'm eyeing.

These are not really cons so I better say "What I would love to see at urbantouch"
1) Brands like Himalaya and Lactocalamine.

last but not the least, I also got a discount coupon. Since I would not be home, you can use it. I am posting it here

So, what was your experience?

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  1. im also eyeing on nyx cosmetics, esp. the eyeshadow primer, i heard good reviews about it ;))

    don't miss my smexy giveaway! it's my first time :)

    model's own lipstick giveaway :)

  2. i love all free shipping sites...

  3. I am apprehensive about online shopping. But This sounds soo good that i am quite sure m going to check this out. Thanks for sharing. And hope you have a great trip.

  4. Hey Nivedita, Have a nice & happy journey!
    Do check my blog for Picture Polish Nail colors giveaway :))

  5. Great haul! The products look nice :)

  6. i also bught from them..lip ice. really love ther service

  7. very useful. wanna try sometimes.

  8. Nice haul!

    About ur trip - have a nice time!!


  9. @ pavani: Me too!! I'm so glad that so many Indian sites are popping up with such good services
    @ Karishma: Thanks girl. Let me know what you get. Yes, I'm just too excited about the trip!
    @ Uzma: Thanks Uzma> Hope your giveaway is open until 22nd Nov which is the day I'd be coming back. I want to do all the options since I don't want to miss out on anything.
    @ Raksha: Thanks girl. yes, they are fab
    @ Vanity: yes. They are really good. The service i think would be even faster in Delhi, since they are based in gurgaon. For brands that are available there, I won;t to go shops anymore for sure.
    @ Kuheli: Sure. you would love it
    @ Viva: Thanks dear. I'll badger you all about my trip as well. :p

  10. The haul looks gorgeous!!! Will visit the Urban Touch site!!

  11. Doreen Fernandes19/12/11 5:09 pm

    My experience with Urbantouch.com has been very good. Prompt delivery, good packaging and almost all of the products delivered were authentic. However, the Flex shampoo had a very peculiar odour. Otherwise, I have not had a bad experience and am quite satisfied with them.


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