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My Pujo Haul 1

I had been meaning to show you my pujo haul for quite sometime. But I haven't been home enough to click the photos. Ok, I know shooting them doesn't take much time. but the part I hated the most is that I have to fold back the clothes which I detest and avoid as much as I can. LOL.
Indeed it is true.  Many of you might know that Durga Puja is the biggest festival in Bengal and we get mad as Mad Hatter when it comes to shopping. I made several small hauls which ultimately took the shape of a grand haul by my definition. I would be putting up the photos in sequels to spare you the boredom.
On my first purchase, as an appetizer I got these from metro Shopping Market

The blue is deeper than how it looks. It's actually a rich cobalt blue. I especially adore the buttons on the neck line.

A blue tunic. It looks denim is real, but it is not. it would be great to wear it during summers.
I have always been intrigues by coat buts which I normally do not wear because of my narrow shoulders. This time I gave it a go

It looks girly, yet good if you want to stay completely covered up with a 'don't bug me' attitude.
no, this is not solid purple. This is what the print is like

It had diagonal pin stripes.
And, the last one, although it looks very modest, when worn, it looks so chic. Thin girls who are comfortable with ultra minis can wear this as a dress as well. But, I would prefer wearing it with skinny jeans only or legging

I know those of you who are fond of Pretty Little Liars might be wondering if this is verging on the dressing style of Spencer Hastings ( the style which is way different from my own style), still, it looked so cute that I could not resist. And the four tops costed me around 1500 INR
Here ends my first haul. There are more clothing hauls, cosmetic etc hauls coming up next. So stay tuned.

Which of the tops did you like the most? Let me know what you have to say


  1. liked the first one the most. :)

  2. 4 tops for just 1500?? OMG!!! that's a great bargain i must say.loved the black stripes and the purple one!

  3. nivedita are u a bengalee????.................... ami o ekjon bangali...

  4. @ Kuheli: That's my favourite dear.
    @ pavani: hihihi. greedy us :p
    @ Miss pretty: Yeah. Even I was so haooy. The black stripes one is really amazing
    @ Ani: ekdom 100% dhonyobad :P

  5. Hie nivedita,, :)

    nice shopping, my fav among them are the blue one (2nd one) and the last black one.

    p.s. I like your name :)

    your new friend
    namita :)

  6. @ Namita: That you!! Hihihi. seems like our names rhyme as well!!!!

  7. sealdaha station er kaachher big bazar e maybelline available??????

  8. yeah,, they do rhyme, what's the meaning of your name?
    and both of these are bengali names too :):)

  9. All of them are so cool !!!

  10. All of them are cool , my fav is purple stripe :D
    I think even you love blues and purples?

  11. Hey that's an amazing haul, I love the first top!

  12. nice haul..loved the last one..

  13. WOW! What a haul! I liked the first one the most.

  14. I loved all 4- they look great :)

    BTW- do enter my giveaway :)

  15. Niv, love the blue tops :))

  16. Hey Nivedita.. :) I just came across your blog... its lovely, I love the backdrop!! :) :)
    I have a purple top just like your first one in blue :) :D
    AND, IM FOLLOWING YOU!! plus im new.. :)


  17. Wow......i think the 2nd blue one could be made Hijab friendly with white full sleeve tee underneath and maybe a lacy scarf too!!

    Love the Whole Haul BTW! :) :)


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