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My Pujo Haul 2

Now, I went a bit mad with the camera and started clicking the clothes. Here is my second clothing haul. Tw of these were gift's from 'his' parents. Let me start with them

 A floral top . it looked unimpressive at forst. but when I tried it on ( reluctantly), I was delited. It made me look wonderfully fresh. I so loved the effect of the bright colors that the next kurti also ended up in my shopping bag

Both of these are from Shopper's stop. I did not find a matching legging. So, I bought this one later

Next, I got two kurtis tailored

 This is made from tussar silk. The material was also gifted by 'his' mum :P

ok, don;t be appalled. This is not at all shiny. The silk material with the tiny satin thread works showed up like this by flash. The fabric actually looks like this

What happens when beauty bloggers meet?
The answer is not difficult to guess. We do shopping! I ang Kuheli from Shadows and Sequins had gone shopping before the Puja. She is the most amazing person around. I was fascinated by her simplicity. And her salwar suits!! They are soo pretty!! We bought quite a few things and I got these

 I wore it with jeans. But it flatters my huge long bohemian style  white long skirt.

This one was selected by Kuheli esp for me :)

 A real Katki Kurti.
I got too many gifts in cash and in kind. But I'd be doing another clothing haul I made from a store.

Which one(s) do you like the most?
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  1. gorgeous kurtis nivedita..
    so bright n colorful,,apt for the festivities going on,,,
    shopping wit frnds is fun na,,

    n yes,,sometimes a clothing look not so good in hand but when u try it out, it comes out as pretty beautiful.

    :) :)

  2. oo...so many kurtis..u love kurtis ? Liked all..flowery one is cute :)

  3. i just love dat red bohemian waala blouse...its veryy pretyyy. n by the way, someone has splurged a lot :D

  4. oh i so remember that day..we both went crazy shopping.. :P i love ALL the kurtis here. yes, all of them. esp the first three. and the pantaloons kurtas were both of our choice. :P great haul! :)

  5. I like the blue silk one, pretty color :)
    I never wear kurti but this time, on diwali, i want to! Ive been looking for one but liked nothing. Any suggestions?

  6. me loved all...you hauled so so so much...why??????

  7. Lovely outfits!! xx <3

  8. You've bought a lot of clothes recently; you're totally tempting me! I like the 1st tailored kurti & the one that Kuheli chose.
    It's so fantastic that you got to meet a fellow blogger. Do you have pics of your meet?

  9. wow.. i love all the Kurtis... 1st one is my fav :) ^_^

  10. so nice collection niv............ i have bought just 8 kurtis, 2 denim gynses and 1 saloar.......... the first one is so pretty to me ....... what's the price???

  11. nice haul...plz do enter my giveaway :)

  12. @ Namita; So true. I used to be actually very picky. This time I went a bit bonkers :P
    @bhumika: It's not exactly I 'love' kurtis. They are the safest option when you do not want to give too much thought about what to wear on a formal or semi formal occasion :p
    @ Vanity: That one is my absolute fav as well. hihihih. This is the first time I bought so much. There are still clothing hauls coming up
    Kuheli: Definitely. Had you been not there I would have been bored and left without buying anything at all actually.
    @ twbety something I have noticed you love funky and colorful stuff. I would suggest you to try global desi brand from shopper's stop. Their collection is pretty cool
    @ Pavani: Thanks. You like kurtis too?
    @ Dr Shivani: Errrr... this year it actually happened. Got some from parents. Others, got cash gifts from peers and relatives. So thought let me splurge a bit. I would now go on a strict no buying clothes phase

  13. @ Sarah: Thanks you dear.
    @ Poohkie: Go ahead go ahead and treat yourself a bit.
    Well, we do, but honestly we are both a bit unconfortable with the idea of our pics openly on the internet. That's the reason you see only parts of me :p
    @ Deeptima: Thanka a ton. Even the first two are becoming my feel goos clothings. :)
    @Ani: Ei re. I don;t remember the price becasue I have gone out so many days not only to get my stuff, but to help others as well. :(


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