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Oriflame Giordani Gold Adaptive Foundation

For sometime I had been trying almost every foundation I could lay my hands on. I had a hard time harnessing the impulse since unlike lip products, foundation do not list in my everyday product item. I had heard some good reviews of Oriflame foundations and I wanted to purchase from the brand. Since picking the shade from catalogue is difficult, I thought of trying out the trial pack to see how they fare. It would also give me a vague idea about which shade I might choose for myself.
My next door neighbor is an Oriflame agent and I asked for a tester. She got me Oriflame Giordani Gold Adaptive Foundation in Porcelain which is the lightest shade of the four. I was quite scared of using such a light shade on my face and out it away for quite sometime. But then, when I tried it, I fell in love.

The bottle of 30ml comes for 890 INR. But sometimes, there is an offer.

Since I tried the trial sachet, there was no ingredient list. Not sure if the original one has it. I found most Oriflame products do not have any mention of ingredients  on them.

My experience:
I do not know what exactly they intend to mean by adaptive foundation. Rimmel had one which they stated that the shades adapted slightly so as not to leave any tidermark or streaks . Oriflame was not eloquent about it.
Coming back to the product, the color way clearly way lighter than my skin tone. It was practically colorless white liquid foundation. Anyway, I went ahead . I dotted it on my face and started blending with a foundation brush adding little by little as I needed.  A few drops were sufficient to cover my entire face and I am pretty surprised to see that it blended in completely without making me look like a clown. It hid my minor blemishes and my skin looked so fresh and so natural. it smells slightly of cosmetics and did not break me out.
I am still at a loss how a foundation tones lighter than mine blended so easily. Is this the adaptive quality?

So, my likes and dislikes:

I would say this is good because:
1) It is very lightweight and set with a powder, it stayed out for a very long time on my oily skin without any primer.
2) It blended so beautifully.
3) It made my skin look fresh and beautiful.
4) A little goes a long way. I got the 3ml sachet. I had worn the foundation thrice and have managed to finish only half of it. So, I think the 30 ml bottle would last really long.
5) It hid my minor blemishes. I did not try layering since it is lighter than my skintone. So, I can't really comment on how it fares if layered. considering it hid my small blemishes , evening out the skin tone, I think when layered, you can have a medium to semi opaque coverage.
6) I heard that Giordani makeup rabnge is the mineral cosmetics line from Oriflame.  So, they are supposed to be kinder to your skin. As such, this foundation did not break me out and my skin liked it. ( I think my skin felt a bit soothed)

But why I am giving this a second thought
1) Price. It is quite pricey.  But, judging by the product quality, I am watching out for offers.
2) Choosing the right shade from the catalogue is very difficult. Being not the darkest girl around and not the fairest one either, I am at a loss if the second shade or the third shade from the spectrum would suit me. Since Porcelain is good for yellow undertones, logically the second shade should suit fairest skin with pink undertones. The fourth shade is the darkest which should be dark for my skin-tone. Now I have to do eena-meena-myna-moh to decide. But staking such a huge sum of money is a bit too much for me.

Otherwise, I find no con. Did any of you try this? I wear Lakme invisible foundation in 02 and Bourjois Healthy mix in 54 Beige. Any clue? Which is your current favourite foundation?

Would I recommend and repurchase? yes. only if you find the right shade for yourself


  1. glad it worked, yes buying from catalogues is v.risky when d price tag is something like this..do your research.there are a lot of bloggers weho are oriflame consultats, may be they can help

  2. Vanity: Can you please name a few. I would approach them then

  3. Nice review Nivedita..I've heard a lot about this too..but yeah...buying from catalogue is an issue for me as well....

  4. Nivedita, am an Oriflame consultant. Would love to extend my services to you as well. Feel free to contact..

  5. do u think honey it would work on a combination skin ?


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