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Charmfactory Bracelet Review

Recently I am trying to wear some accessories. I am not exactly an accessory person. I like to put on a little makeup when I go out, but I don't wear much of accessoriez. I even forget to wear them since I'm not used to. Last time I rediscovered my stash of bangles which I would show you shortly. It's so much of glittery stuff.
But lately, I got a bracelet from Charmfactory and I am enjoying wearing the chunky yet feminine bracelet.

Isn't this so pretty?
On my trip to Uttarakhand, I had bought crystal necklaces. This bracelet would be perfect match with one. I like to wear this alone as a statement piece.

Now, Charmfactory seems quite charming to me. You can find a lot of items. There are more than 500 charms to choose from and you can also customize.
I you are not the kind who goes for quality and just not the look, this is the thing for you.Because, all the charms and the bracelets are made of sterling silver which is the highest quality of silver that can be used in accessories.

I know I'm raving that's because I am really fond of this bracelet. the charms are so cute. One of the charms has hearts on it and I find that pretty.

the others

I am enjoying this and for those of you who liked it, there is a good news coming. Ok, I know it's not difficult to guess... :)

Btw, the chain is also not very short. So, even the regular size should fit all

In fact it is quite long and strong