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Crea Clips and my first photo on blog

Some times ago there was so much of hullabaloo about Crea clips which got me curious. reading others speaking highly about it, I decided to give it a try. In fact I am one of those lazy persons who don;t like to walk into a parlor and get regular trims. So, I normally cut my hair short and get it heavily layered so that it takes quite  some time before I need to cut it again. Besides, I have a few more reasons which are kind of weird. I like the light feeling in the head when you cut off a substantial length of hair. My head feels sooo light . Second, it saves time. Third, it saves money. Fourth... hehehehe... I have this tendency if my hair frows really long, I love snipping scissors through it. Last time it had grown almost till my wait, I and my sister had whimsically so destroyed it, amazed the hair stylist. :P
Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to get hold of crea clips which would save me from all that as well as satiate my temptation of cutting my hair myself. So, here it is

These are simple but clever things. Just two clips with teeth , a lock on a side and a rotating water level.
The water level lets you adjust the balance so that if you are trying to trim the fall straight, you can easily do so by balancing the clips so that the water in the tube is in the middle. If it's not while its horizontal with the clips, it means your clip is not straight. Once you balance it clasp the lock. The teeth grip would keep the clip in place and you can cut the hair. Easy peasy.

There are lots of images which would let even a dud like me understand what to do. Apart from the images on the packet, it also comes with a graphic manual. There are also videos on the crea clip website.

Price: Usually $39 approx. but a discount is going on by which you can get it for around 20$

What I liked:

1) The design is perfect.
2) The instructions are vivid and clear.
3) easy to work with.
4) Would really save money esp if you dont want to splurge.
5) With little practice you can get almost all kind of hair cuts. Even I who had always tried to give myself a haircut and failed, it seems like a good news.

What I did not like:

1) The lock could be a bit better. I would have liked an overall better finish and a better quality plastic.
2) The idea if water level is very good. but after you are done one side of the bag, you have to again find the exact angle for the other side which is difficult to do if you are concentrating on the water level. I found my eye estimation is good enough.
3) I would have liked another small clip in the set which would enable to do layers and both sides of the bangs much easier.
overall i think this is a great thing.

Now, I have a peculiar problem.  yes, again!! I have been trying to grow my hair a bit. every time I walk into the parlor, the stylists ask me if would like some volume and then, they go on to give me heavy layers so that my long hair again becomes short. I mean the crown hair. this is something I detest and they seem to be deaf. this happens no matter where I get my hair cut done. If I ask them only to fix my front pieces / bangs, they cut back the crown hair as well. i was pretty peeved this time. So, after I gave my mum a trim, my hands were itching to do something more and I tried fixing my bangs which had completely grown out. I chopped almost more than 3 inches following the original shape.and this time, i got what I had always wanted.

This is also the first time I am putting up my image here. check out the bangs. I have fogged up the rest. If you want I can start makeup break downs here

So, how do you like this? And no, I am not wearing any makeup at all


  1. arre you look very pretty, bring on the breakdowns!

  2. You look lovely..Nivedita...do visit my blog too..Have 2 giveaways

  3. very cute, you have cherubic face :)

  4. you are such a cutie nivedita ! and these crea clips sound too good!

  5. You look gorgeous Nivedita, totally loving the bangs.
    ANd I love creaclip too; it's so much fun to use.

  6. this clip looks so neat. you look cute :)

  7. looks nice!! u look sweet!

  8. nice nice :) first look and all :)

  9. u look so sweet nivedita:)

  10. @ everyone: Heheheheh. Thank you so much for appreciating me!! Now I would be brave enough to do the makeups and the FOTDs :)

  11. sounds like a gud product but one need to know hot to cut the bangs or layers or else it wub end up like something else :)

  12. The bangs look great on u :)

  13. @ Allaboutladies: Not really. That's what I wrote about. it's for duds :)
    @ bhumika: hahah. Thank you. i just chopped off parallel to what had grown out

  14. You look so cute!! Great job on the bangs btw :)
    Deffinitely looking forward to FOTDs n OOTDs and all possible OTDs ;)


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