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Elle18 Glossy Lips Balms in Cherry

Recently I have been becoming a bit nostalgic without realizing it. How? the way I am bringing out my blasts from the past. Elle18 Glossy Lips is one of those things that I cannot part with. Around three years ago, or is it four when my niece was born, I saw these cuties freshly launched in a drugstore. I got the Elle18 Glossy Lips. Rather, I had to get the Elle18 Glossy Lips. Usual with me, I chose the shade Cherry which is red. There wan an orange, strawberry, blackcurrant also available. But I was quite happy with only one and I thank myself for having got it.

This cute pot costs only 50 INR and the quantity of 5 grams, though not huge, would not make you feel cheated.

Now, what I like about it

  • It goes easy on the pocket
  • It looks cute. The pot I mean.
  • The color it imparts oh boy!! I love it! It's not opaque but goes over very much tinted and would hide most of your pigmentation.
  • It kind of plumps up my lips and keeps them moisturized for hours and hours. In fact many of my friends thought that, this is a lip balm and it worked that way for them.  After an hour or two, if I gently clean my lips, it helps me get rid of all the dry flakes
  • You don;t need a ton to cover your entire lips.
  • Stays put for hours and survives light meals and drinks unless you are rubbing them on your lips.
  • Tastes yummy. It tastes so sweet and good.

 What I don't like?
  • It is indeed unfortunate that such a popular product has been discontinued. it came so cheap and yet so effective. I hope Elle18 reads this and reintroduces the balm perhaps with more colors?
  • It's a tub form. but then, I love the cure little tubs. I normally use pots when I'm home. But once I go out, I carry chapsticks or lipsticks. So, not a big issue for me as such

I know many of you have used this and still have it. So, how much did you like it?

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  1. I had this in bubblegum and it was my favvv...I have asked at so many places..but no1 has it now :((

  2. This is really a gr8 lipbalm in terms of pigmentation-I had the one in pink :) :)

  3. Blast from the past :p
    he he
    even i had this,,the color payoff was quite nice :)

  4. looks yummy

  5. Hey! i don't even remember seeing this but it sure looks nice.

  6. feels like i'm the only one who hasnt tried them..what do i do..all i knew dat time was vaseline! i've seen this on you..and now want it!

  7. i never knew it existed but wud love to try it if the co launch it again:)

  8. aray i have not tried this ....... me also want this one.. :(

  9. @ bhumika: Ya. These are not available anymore. Too bad!
    @ Anuradha: I gifted one to my cousin and she so loved it!
    @ Namita: Hahahah. We all seems to have loved this one
    @ Sahar: :)
    @ Emm: These were quite famous. but well, might have missed it because the shopkeepers used to avoid this because it was cheaply priced. I had such encounters and had to litt point it out on the shelf and he kept pretending he does not see

  10. @ Vanity: Awww.. don;t be sad. I would pray to Elle 18 that they lainches this again :P
    @ Surely give it a try. if they launch this again, I'd be sure to get a few more.
    @Gauri: Hi5! Same here!!
    @ rids: :( I want the other shades too esp the orange one!!

  11. i had the orange and the grape shade.... this one is nice too.

  12. never knew elle i8 has lip balms, looks good to me !!nice blog !

  13. I owned a couple sometime back. I will definitely check if these can be made available on the site :-)

  14. That is so pretty! Now I wanna get this for myself too! :(

  15. i too miss this
    had cherry and bubblegum

  16. @Ani: I so wanted the orange one. Pity they are being discontinued
    @Manya: Thanks dear. Hope to see you around
    @Chetana: I guess that can't be done because they have stopped manufacturing. I could still locate a few in the stores, but they were manufactured a long time back
    @Tanveer: LOL!! We are such suckers!! :P
    @mermaidbidisha: This one is cherry too. My cousin had the bubblegum ans she finished it up in almost a year!
    @Paradisco: Hahah! We all want it and want it again!! :P

  17. I have seen this in violet bag. i'm gonna buy this

    1. Madura the product has been discontinued for a long time. I would rather advice you not to as they might be expired

  18. dis was a fab product
    bt nw it has been discontinued
    can any1 tell me
    can it be byed online
    anywhere ?

  19. nivedita di..
    plz tell me is dere any other gud lip balm available in dese pot style and nt too costlyy...
    plz help me di

  20. Thank For Sharing this Great Information. It was helpful.


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