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Face of the Day

With Ansh nudging me every now and then, I really feel tempted to do this often. but, the saddest part is that since my skin has broken out badly, I could not wear foundation or anything on my skin. I was going out. I'll tell you for what subsequently.
I don't like to go bare completely. It's not that I am uncomfortable. I fact I do go out without makeups. It's just that I was feeling like. So, I rubbed a bit of kajal and out on a lipstick. This color is my recent obsession and I find it rejuvenates me anytime any day. So, here it is

Yes, my terrible dark circles. You can also see the huge blemish an infection left out on my left cheek. And LOL! I'm also giving you a glimpse of my messy table!!
Products used: Lactocalamie lotion, Streetwear kajal and a lipstick.
I ask you to make a guess at the color. I assure it's a very familiar one


  1. so its finally here haan! you look pretty even without makeup :)
    the colour..you should atleast reveal the brand!

  2. as the french say- look du jour :) pretty !

  3. no no..I do not see any blemish or dark circles..u lookin super cute !!

  4. trust me dear...i oly c pretty gal der..no blemishes!!!

  5. no idea about the color, but you look really pretty here :) innocently pretty :)

  6. r u kidding...even with the lacto calamine,it luks like as if u wore a foundation...n yeah i dont see any kind of bleamishes or so.....so wht r u scared off?

  7. You look nice! I don't see any dark circles or blemishes.

  8. You are very pretty, your eyes are so pretty and bright!

  9. u look so pretty widout makeup...wonder what makeup wud do to u ???????..is the lippie maybeline colorsensational waala??

  10. hey i cant see the blemish, and even with bare basic makeup u look nice

  11. You look gorgeous Nivedita. And what dark circles/blemishes. I can't see any. Is the streetwear kajal any good?

  12. Ylu look gorgeous. I love your lipstick.

  13. wow! darun lagche! :))

  14. I want that pink lippie..u look great :)

  15. :) :) cutuuu :) :)
    pretty girl !!!

  16. u look super nivedita... there r no blemishes nothing... and please u think u hav dark circles.. wait till you see mee... lolzzz

  17. You look sooooo pretty and cute! if this is how you look with no makeup on, i wonder how you do with makeup!

    The lippie looks like Hooked on Pink, but I can't be sure... is it?

  18. Hey everyone. Thank you so much for the huge tide of compliments. You know what? Your wishes worked. My infection is going away!!
    @ Ansh: Hahahah. Ok. It's from Colorbar.
    @ moomoo- Merci beaucoup!!
    Bhumika: the darkcircles I see them very darkly!!
    @ sunaa: LOL. One of my classmates thought in the soft light that I am blushing when it was all the redness from the breakout. I think it's the light that played the trick
    @ Samyukta: Awww.. thank you
    @ Krupa: That's because I did not turn my other cheek :P
    @ Harshleen: Thank you!!
    @ Amber: Thank you so much. I love dark eyes

  19. @ Shivani: Hihihii. No Colorbarwala :P
    @ Rentu: Thank you. Things are worse on the other cheek actually
    @ Poohkie: I can come up with a complete review. Not really. Better than regular ones, but they do smudge
    @ Pandora's Box: Thank you. How have you been?
    @ Kuheli: Ha! Alo pore bright lagchhe. Ghore rod ashchhilo
    @ Prettyinpink: I think you do have that.
    @ Namita: Thank you :D
    @ Rids: Come on! I ahve seen you and my first impression was ' wow! how smooth her skin looks'!
    @Novice Makeup: Awww. Now I eally feel elated. Ok, let me come out with it. It's Colorbar Addictive Magenta!!

  20. Heyy! finally!! you look so pretty, what dark circles? what blemishes?? :O
    I love the simple makeup, thumbs up sister :)

  21. awww..u look soo bubbly.. n i hav this color (ibfact from 3 diff brands)..but teh best is BABY PINK from the TRIED N TESTED MEDORA!!

  22. u look so pretty nivedita:)

  23. Hi Nivedita, you look really pretty. Can't find any blemishes or dark circles either...A little bit of make up & you will look like a glam queen :-)


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