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So this is Simantini, writing for Nivedita once again. As I wrote to her in the mail, she has managed to create the monster, and now like a civil and nice Frankenstein, she has to bear with me through all my posts on her blog! Jokes apart, I really hope it does her and her readers some good for this is doing me a lot good for sure – by keeping me busy! J
So, this is the Gatsby Extreme Hold Hair Spray. I can only imagine that America and Gatsby have a common connection, so this is called Gatsby. Let’s just hope that it holds the hair in position as well as the novel did to the readers.

The Hole That It Will Burn In your Pocket:
Not really! At Nivedita’s suggestion, I got this from HealthKart, and it cost me 150.00 INR. That’s really comfy keeping in mind the parlours charge to set your hair. THAT surely burns a big hole, but not this one.

The Promises Made:
Are kept. It has this citrus smell that made me like it instantly. It sprays evenly and is completely non-sticky. I don’t really know about the shiny effect that it promises, but surely my hair didn’t look dull.

All the literature you SHOULD know

The bottle, made of metal, contained 250ml in total. I guess there was some offer going on, for the bottle said 200ml+50ml. And remembering the price, I loved it all over again!
Signed, Sealed, Delivered, It’s Yours:
HEalthKart sent this spray perfectly packed in a cardboard box, and there came two little gifts with it as well. There was a little bottle of Gatsby’s after-shave lotion and a sachet of Gatsby’s water-based gel. My brother used the after-shave, and quite liked it. I tried the gel, and liked it too.
1.The price. I mean seriously, where do you get such quality of hair spray for a price that won’t get you even a decent pizza?
2.The quantity for the price is great.
3.The quality – yes, I loved it. The hold is actually almost as good as The Great Gatsby! No stickiness, no bad smell. It kept my hair in the style for more than 6 hours at a stretch without any spraying on.
4.The gifts I got from HealthKart. After all, who doesn’t like a little perks with the actual thing?
Don’t blame me if I couldn’t find any, for I seriously couldn’t!
A thousand times, yes!

About the author:
Shimantini or Simi is everybody's sweetheart in the English Department of CU. Opposite of what she claims, she is perhaps the sweetest and the primmest person we ever met She knows how to have fun with makeup and our instant bond was over what we got in our shopping.
She has an amazing flair for writing which is obvious to you. She had guest blogged here before where she wrote about faces Long-stay liner pencils. You can check the review here. Ever since she took interest in my blog, she has kindly shown much interested to enrich it. She also has a blog of her own which you can check and follow here


  1. Nice review Simantini! Do hairsprays make hair dry in the long run?

  2. sounds nice simantini :)

  3. nice review hun,,
    good for people who wants their hair all styled n dolled up :)

  4. nice review simantini...
    wow no cons...bt i wan 2ask whther itzz grease-free dear...!!?!

  5. hi simantini..i like ur style..its so fresh

  6. this sounds wonderful. Maybe I will give it a shot after I finish my tigi hairspray

  7. @Karishma - I don't use sprays often, but as beauticians advise, any chemical has adverse effects on hair. So try to use it as moderately as possible, and take care of hair regularly.
    @Bhumika, Namita, Vanity, Indianmakeupways - Thanks, yeah it has proved to be good for me.
    @Sunaa - Thansk, and yes it is grease-free. The instant stickiness on your skin will go with water. But the hair remains grease-free.
    @Nivedita - I'm LOVIN' it!!

  8. this one sounds nice... m looking for good hairspray ..ll def try this one

  9. is it for spraying before styling hair or after it is set?can i use a curler after spraying it?
    i know it is silly to ask,but i have no clue about it

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Stupid hair spray, didnt hold my curls at least for 10 minutes and made my hair more dry :(

  12. Hello, whether these products are sold in Indonesia, in the provinces samarinda?

  13. Had hair thickness and Hair fall problem. After using this

  14. Had hair thickness and Hair fall problem. After using this


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