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Himalaya Protein Shampoo-- Extra Moisturizing

 The Himalaya girl in has been itching for some time to come out. may be my trip to the Himalayas triggered it off and so, I decided to review a Himalaya product. Yes, their loved and hated shampoos. I tried almost all of their shampoos except for the anti-dandruff one which one of my best friends swear by.

I had reviewed Himalaya Protein Shampoo for Normal Hair a century ago ( yes, I am exaggerating).

To begin with I found they all are almost the same. I practically did not find any difference at all. The same yellowish color with pearly shine and runny consistency etc etc

Price and Quantity: around 180 INR for 400 ml
What the Company claims about it; Key ingredients; Direction

Coming back to what you actually look forward to

1) Cheap for the quanity.
2) Controls the hairfall
3) With two rinses, the hair becomes very clean and doesn't lose volume for say 4 days.
4) Hair looks shiny.
5) Herbal and quite mild.

1) Is not at all moisturizing. Don't know what they mean by 'extra moisturizing' because the one meant for normal hair is pretty much the same as the one for dry hair. You MUST follow up with a good conditioner.
2) Doesn't lather much on the first wash. So, if you are like me who feels if something lathers well, it is also cleaning well, this is not what you are looking for.

Shall I repurchase? Following up with a good conditioner is not an issue for me. So, considering the pros, I would repurchase this for summer

Do I recommend? umm.. not sure


  1. i've hoarded large sized bottles of h&s, pantene and dove, will take me a lifetime to consider buying something else :P
    but this sounds promising

  2. @ Ansh: Open a salon now :p Wow. I'm looking forward to the reviews then. h&S was good . Yielded good results last winter

  3. Hav used their conditioners but not a shampoo ..looks gud ..

  4. I love Himalaya shampoo, they all are mild and good but of course you'll have to use a good conditioner, nice review <3

  5. This is my HG shampoo-it is not at all harsh to hair and I have seen hairfall to reduce considerably after its regular use :) :) :) Gr8 review Niv :)

  6. @ rids: I things there is nothing fancy about them, but they are quite good
    @ Raksha: True. With a good conditioner, I think they are the best.
    @ Anuradha: Me too. A couple of years ago I had gone through a very very bad hair phase. This came to my rescue actually

  7. I had a very dry and rough hair with split ends. My scalp itches due to dryness immediately after shampooing my hair. So I had to use a hair cream to moisturize my scalp. But after using this shampoo I now feel my hair being very smooth.. My scalp and hair becomes oily in 2 days and I had to wash it again. May be that's why its called "Extra Moisturizing". Its so mild that I don't bother shampooing my hair once in 2 days. I don't have the necessity to use hair creams or hair oil anymore. I loved the product. :)


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