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How to curl your hair easily at home without curling tons

Our friend Simantini had requested me for an easy to do, hair curling how to post. Had this been a video post, it would have been easier for you, esp, since I do not like to post my own photo over here. it's not that I do not trust you friends, it's just that I am not very comfortable with the idea.
Coming back, to curl your hair you would need the following things. Some are optional, but I'm including the optional parts because they would help you do things very properly.

First and foremost you would need velcro rollers. To know what they are and how they work, click here.

For the Calcuttans, you can find velcro at Gariahat Nabarupa Stores. Yes, the store in which the very moment you enter the shop the SAs attack from every side trying to push you the costliest stuff around. The other shop where I found and bought most of my velcroes , is, Gitanjali Stores at first floor of Treasure Island, New Market. I would not recommend getting these from Gariahat because, I had purchased these from both the stores and found that Nabarupa at Gariahat charges around 30 bucks more than what I got from Gitanjali, the products being the same.
You might definitely find these in other shops, but these are the shops 'I' know.
While asking for these dont say 'velcro rollers'. Both the shops had said they dont know what these are. But when I pointed out at the packets they said ' oh! hair rollers!', giving me a weird look as if I dont know what hair rollers are. :p
I do not remember the exact price, but a set of 6 medium sized velcroes had costed me around 65 I think and the smaller ones around 45.
What you would need:

1) two sizes of velcroes-- the medium size and the small size.
2) Bobby pins
3) A hair dryer
4) a hair spray
5) Plenty of time

This would also work for hair that is naturally wavy or curly by nature. If you have straight hair, sorry guys .. I mean ladies.. this is not for you.

What to do:
First wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner as you would. Then apply a very small quantity of hair serum for the shine. You don't want your hair to be too silky because it won;t hold the style. Let your hair air dry a bit. Putting on velcroes on completely wet hair would cause tangles and the rollers won't come off . Unless you want to go to the party with the rollers on, remember this tip. When your hair is semi-dry ( NOT DRY), comb your hair and divide it into sections.
Now, the tip of each section around each roller and then, start rolling it to wrap the hair around it until it reches your scalp. Do the wrapping tightly. When it reaches the scalp, put on a bobby pin clipping the hair and the velcro to the scalp.
For the front sections use the medium velcroes and for the back use the small velcroes. The larger curls should frame your face.
Let this stay put until the hair dries. Depending upon the thickness, the semi dry hair in the velcroes should take around 45 minutes to an hour.

Here is a step which is optional but gives a perfect finish. Take your hair dryer and give a blast of hot air, the hottest your dryer can product. give a blast to each section still around the velcro. Now, hot hair is easy to style. So, don;t take it off now. Taking off the rollers at this point would only make your curls to fall off again. let the hair cool down. ( You can stand under the ceiling fan if you like).
After it has cooled down completely, gently take off the bobby pins and to unwrap roll the rollers in the opposite direction. Yeah, simple unwrap the hair without tugging or pulling. Voila! you have neat curls!!
DO NOT BRUSH at this point. it would simply break up the curls.

Now a major problem is to make the curls stay in place since they have a tendency to fall off after a few hours. You can easily prevent this with a hair spray. Any hair spray should work.
I use  Tresemme Hair spray  and also oriflame hair spray.
I like Tresemme better, but since it is not available here I would suggest you to go for hairsprays from some other brand, other than Oriflame ( It made me hair dry).
You can order any hairspray of your choice. There are plenty of sites offering these Urbantouch, Healthkart, 365gorgeous.in

oh, btw, if you want to make the hair extra pliable, you can also use some styling mousse. ( I don't use them, but planning to get hold of them pretty soon now).
The result?

Hope this helps.

And do a test run to see how it turns up on your hair. Do this at least once or twice before your date

PS: I have used my affiliation link with healthkart. If you use the link, on purchase of 500 INR you get 100 INR discount while I would get a credit of 100INR. So, no shadowy business over here. :)
Hope you understand


  1. very nicely explained nivi..

  2. Woohooo..those curls are amazing nivedita!

  3. are they sure hair?? :O

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  5. nice curls.......thanks for the healthkart invitation...i have used that to buy some products dear....

  6. :-) Thank you sooo much! Finally I got what I wanted! That was a great help, and now even someone as anari as me can get hair curled! Asap try korbo, ar ki holo, toke janabo! And thanks a ton!! Keep up the great work!

  7. wow wow wow !!!
    beautifullll curls !

  8. @ bhumika: Thanks you. Do you also style your hair?
    @ Mehak: :) But they are not natural. Alas!!
    @ Vanity; not at all!! It's a wig!! LOL!! My hair curls, but doesn't straighten :(
    @ Jayashree: Thank you dear. What all did you get? I so love hauls
    @ Simantini; hahahaha. ha try kore janabi kemon holo. amio khub curious
    Deeptima: Thank you!! A word from you always makes my day special!!

  9. I just love the way your hair is looking Niv!! I have poker straight hair-but I am a sucker for curls :D I will surely try this-this looks super easy :) :)

  10. Got the Velcroes, waiting for the Gatsby to arrive from HealthKart, and longing to get some real curls :)


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