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Lacto Calamine Classic

Lactocalamine Classic
They call it skinsurance. Yes, the age old lacto calamine. This potion has been around for centuries. Well, that does not mean the same brand. It was used for various curative purposes until it was declared by US Food and Drug Corporation ( I think) to have no relevant truth. but then. 10 years laters they amended it and it has been used for mild skin infections, poison ivy, etc. Women swear by it as a cure to acne and zits, to even out the skin tone etc.

FYI: Zince Oxide is chemically called calamine and this is a natural sunscreen
Coming back to it, I have always had this lotion for the six or seven years. Since my skin is acne prone and is prone to break outs, when nothing else works for me I turn to this lotion.

Price: 120 ml for 72 INR. Smaller variants are also available

Whatever it claims

I don't want to digress so I'm just getting down to the positives and the negatives


1) It is a natural sunscreen.
2) it is very mild and would suit all skin types. there are also variants for other skin types as well.
3) It doesn't break out, rather helps to dry out the acne.
4) Good for mild skin infections.
5) it freshens up the skin in a jiffy.
6) Can be used even at night.
7) Used for long, the skin looks bright.
8) Since it's a bit ummm.. feels like dry powder suspended in liquid, if you massage your face regularly with this, it would lightly remove the dry flakes.
9) if you skin is in a condition where you are scared of putting on anything else, this would be your staple.
10) Cheap.
11) Works as a good makeup base


1) it feels a bit dry initially.
2) My skin feels a bit oily after an hour or two. but not oily in the way that would cause discomfort or breakouts.
3) The calamine has the tendency to precipitate.
4) the last bits are difficult to take out.
5) Leaves whitish cast on dark skin

Ever since I came back, my skin is going through a bad phase. it has broken out badly. Worse, I accidentally scratched a few acne and now I have got an infection. I have it in control with medication and I am using calamine. Looks like it's getting a bit better

Have you tried this?


  1. This is almost a childhood memory. My mum swears by it. I like the product but since my skin is very oily, I am not comfortable with the powdery texture as it appears like a coating , and it gave me white heads when I applied it during day time because of the sweat and grime i guess. usually i apply it at night when I have a bad breakout.I have known people who don't use anything except this for skincare and it works wonders! Thanks for reviewing this one !!

  2. I cannot live without my LC..solves all my skin problems..and I always have this with me if nothing else..

  3. It is such an olden time wallah remedy no? Remember seeing it even in my grandma's vanity. But I never knew it was a sunscreen..In fact, the misconception was that it should't be used before going out in the sun. Thanks for the new bit of info Nivedita.

    I have a bottle that I sometimes use to mix in facepacks

  4. i luv it.
    it was lik my HG prod til pond tm came by..
    stil i ve it as a backup=)

  5. i loved it..somehow forgot it all together. thanks for reminding me now. i wud like to add its a great TM

  6. i keep a bottle of this wit me always but i seldom use it...my mom loves it though:-)

  7. its a must for me.i end up trying new moisturisers very often bt then i always come back to this. ;)

  8. Oh yes, I remember when I had chicken pox during my preteens, I was a calamine junkie. I swear I felt like stealing money from my dad's wallet and buying as many calamine lotions as I could to drown myself in was my ultimate fantasy while I was in the 'chicken pox' stage of my life haha.


  9. some things never go out of style ;)

  10. hey take care, and yes calamine rocks

  11. Now that i think about it, have been using this almost all the time for the last 5 years.
    and oyee,for oilies like us,jo bhi laga lo, oily skin toh 2-3 gante baad ho hi jaati hai na?

  12. calamine has been the quintessential life saver, i even use it on freshly threaded skin..

  13. once i used this regularly...... the most minus point of it is- after using it i would more perspire.......... and the most plus point of it is- if gives a very nice make up finish look....

  14. @moo-moo. Is it so? I'll refrain from using it in the day time then. As such, it's not enough as a sunscreen. Hold on, let me include this point in the article
    @bhumika: Hahaha. A saviour.
    GGG: yeah. In face packs? How do you make it?
    @ sunaa: I have got hold of it too. But too much of products unused. :)
    @ Ansh: LOL. Yeah. We are so engrossed trying new products, we tend to forget the ageold remedies. Even I had forgotten about this one until recently I found it on my shelf :P

  15. @ soph: Eh? Why? :O
    @Jyoti: my thoughts too
    @ crazy poplocks; I ahd pox around 3 years ago. Luckily it did not leave too many marks on my face. But the rest left with regular moisturizers etc. Good to know this works as well
    @ Segments of life: true.
    @ rentu: Thanks girl. yeah. I was pretty upset. I'm thinking about using the makari sachets again. :(
    @ karishma: Hahahaha. Nothing could be more true! whatever I put on, nothing would keep my face oil-free!!
    @ Supriya; Looks like the post was for good only. becasue even I am learning more about it's uses. May be I'll try after waxing as well. Good info
    @ Ani: is it so? I never experience that. But then, of course each skin is diff in it's own way. yeah. When I massage the thick residue into my skin, it gives an even flawless finish too

  16. hi nivedita...i am new to your blog..but find it very informative...i am allergic to most of the make up products...i read here that ani said something about using it in make up...
    is that possible...?
    let me know..

    1. Hi chhavi, sorry for my delayed response. The calamine if massaged well, gives a fresh look but I did not notice any makeup effect. But you can give it a try to find out if you think the freshness can replace a makeup.
      After all they are different things :)

  17. I have dark skin bt it dosen't leave a whitish cast on my face.......maybe it's jst dat ppl don't blend it properly.....i guess if it is layered properly and blended well it shouldn't leave a whitish cast on my face

    1. You are just so right! Actually most people tend not to blend properly and myself, I think even the cast feeling goes away in a while. I totally agree with you

  18. I am using this product currently.But I noticed it mentions castor oil as one of the ingredients.Will that cause any hair growth on the face?I am worried!

    1. Nah, It won't :) It never did. Castor oil would cause hair regrowth ( growth where the hair is supposed to grow, no pun intended :P)
      Don't worry about that :)

    2. LOL! Thanks so much for the assurance.Silly me! :P

  19. hello nivedita, I have just started using lacto calamine as my friend recommend me. i like it though. well can you tell me that can i use it mixing with my sun screen ???

  20. or lotion as well..

  21. I have a very sensitve skin. are there any know issues with this lotion for a skin like mine?

    1. Indy, these are in fact used for minor skin problems. So, I think you can go ahead

  22. I have been recommended dis by a friend as I have a acne - prone dry skin and anything i apply causes my skin to breakout !! So i have started using LC and let me see if it works wonders for me like you all have claimed :D

    1. Sure!! let me know how it fared!! I would love to know that :)

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