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Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher

I would love to blush, but that does not happen to me easily. Yes, the truth is I don't blush, never! But I so love blushing cheeks!! So, crazy as I tend to be, I had been through a blush purchasing phase. Many of you buy blushes a lot. But not me. I tend to get overboard when it comes to lipcolors esp lipsticks.
Ok, In that blushing phase, I blushingly say I had bought this lakme Pure Rouge Blush. I know the last sentence was lame!!


I had heard so much about Lakme Pure Rouge Blushes. When these were launched I already had two blushes, so I did not but this. Stupid me! How do I know that within five or six months, the prices would be hiked up from 275 INR only to 425 INR!! When I pulled out 300 bucks from my wallet the SA asked another 100 and I was so surprised!! Hmph! Life is so full of surprises!!
Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher; Peach Affair
 The color is actually brighter and looks lighter in real life

What the company claims:

My experience

I wanted the much raved about Peach affair, which looks more reddish, copperish and has very finely milled golden shimmers. While the shimmers are not chunky, those are not invisible as well.. 6 grams is a good quantity for a blush and I think my 3 years old niece would be able to use it when she is 16.

Now, the best thing about the blush is the quality. It is very very pigmented. even a single generous swipe might make you look like a clown. So, what I do is, simply touch or gently dip my brush on the blush, then kind of pat it on both my cheeks. After that I start blending it. In fact it is so pigmented, that I kind of stay away. Blame it on my poor makeup skills.

To sum my my Likes:
1) Good quantity fir the price paid.
2) Intensely pigmented like high end blushes (which I have not used).
3)The container is quite sturdy.
4) Staying power is good.
5) A little would go a long long way.

1) Only a few shades and almost all from the same family of reds and browns. I wish they came up with more colors.
2) The brush is a bit stiff and is not good for blending.

This is a good blush and I quite like it.

Shall I repurchase? Unless they come up with new colors

Do I recommend?Yes I strongly do


  1. These are really good Blushes & would recommend them to anyone too :-) Pretty perfect for a day out. One precaution: Do not apply this heavily. It spoils the rest.

  2. oh wow !!! i also hav not tried these yet... ll keep dis shade in mind

  3. This is a beautiful blush in terms of quality-I have one in the shade Ginger surprise-but the brush is a total JHARU :D :D never used it!!!!

  4. This shade is very pretty, its apt for indian skin tones ! will surely buy it, nice one !

  5. looks quite pigmented..i've so many blushes that now i'm keeping away!

  6. I have this one and I use it with a very light hand but in the evenings only. Or I sometimes use it as eyeshadow :P try it once, it really looks good on brown eyes. Thanks :)

  7. @ Chetana: Exactly! That's what scares me about the blush!!
    @ rids: Yes. Worth it!! Totally!!
    @ Anuradha: I agree. It's so stiff!! I'm thinking if I can use it to put on face packs.
    @ Manya: They would. but I feel pinks and fuschias brighten up our face better
    @ Ansh: Hhihihi. Finsih up a few first I suggest LOL
    @beautydiva: Thanks girl. I would surely try it that way. Seems like a good idea

  8. Hmmm.. I checked these out a few times at store but never bought these,though the texture is finely milled, I felt such deep toned blush just aged my skin rather than make it fresh & lively.Plus of late Lakme pricing is totally going out of sync...one can find so many better alternatives at this price...

  9. I liked the shade..perfect for Indian wear na..pretty :)

  10. when i stood in B.A. 2nd year then it was Rs.125 Now its Rs. 425...... nice shade

    kolkatay NYX kothay paoa jabe????

  11. I love peach blushes :*, and this one looks so tempting.

  12. That's a beautiful shade! I have a similar one from Milani and it's my favorite these days!

  13. Yes, that's a problem especially with this one.

  14. ve nvr tried it bt it lukss sooo pretty...


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