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Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint SPF 15

It looks like not only me, a lot of people across the world is taken over by this rage from Liz Earle which they call the Sheer Tint. Personally, being a great fan of this brand which has always lived up to my expectation, I was looking forward to try this as well. So, it was a delight when I got a sample. But it was summer then and I was keeping my face as much free of base makeup as possible. On my trip where it was too cold, this sheer tint turned out to be my best friend. So, let me present Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint

Price and Quantity: £21 for 40 ml

Number of shades available yet: 3
what the company claims?


My experience:
I tried this out in the peak of summer when my skin is kind of oily. This cream is really rich and creamy  as they claim. So, I kind of did not like it at first. but when set with powder, it gives a beautiful finish that is not cakey like foundations, yet makes the skin look soft and even. Little did I know that it would so useful on my trip
On my trip, the chill was ripping away all the moisture from my skin. So, I tried putting this Liz Earle Sheer Tint on, instead of putting on regular moisturizer after toning. I would say i instantly fell in love with it. My dry skin looked so alive and fresh and I did not need extra moisturization.
By the way, I have been also provided with three sachets to do a comparative swatch of these
The shades are
1) Bare - Fair Skin Tones The palest shade, this suits fair, alabaster complexions.
2) Beige- medium Skin tones. The medium shade, this suits the majority of Caucasian skins.
3) Beach- Medium to Dark Skin tones. The darkest shade, this works well for suntanned, olive-toned and most Asian skin tones.

Unfortunately I opted for Beach he darkest and found it is too dark for my skin. Still, since it goes over sheer, it is not a big deal which I can't manage.
The swatches
Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint: 1) Bare 2) Beige 3) Beach
What I liked about these?
1) Very creamy formula that blends beautifully.
2) In spite of being creamy and moisturizing, it never broke me out.
3) It is mild.
4) There is no significant fragrance which would irritate the sensitive nose.
3) Since it is sheer, ladies with any skin tone would find their match with these three shades.
4) Comes in a hygienic tube with a nozzle.
5) 40 ml is greater than regular 30 mls of the product.
6) Gives a nice dewy finish on my skin.
7) It is mostly herbal which is a major pro.
8) The package is classy.
9) Has SPF15
10) Mineral based and so, skin friendly.
11) You can also try their sample before you open their full size pack so that here is no chance of going for the wrong shade.

What I did not so like about it?
1) It would not be fit for those with oily skin in summer.
2) The shade selection can be a bit misleading. Beach is supposed to suit us, but it did not match my skin tone. you can see the swatch on my hand. moreover, I think beige would not suit most Asians who have yellow tones in their skin. The medium made the perfect match for me. Hope this is being looked upon in future.
3) A bit pricey. But for the quality and quantity I won't really mind.
4) SPF 15 is not sufficient. Even the package says it is not optimum to give a complete sun protection. So, if you have been thinking about skipping your sunscreen, think twice

Shall I repurchase? yes. I would like to.
Do I recommend? Only if you like to give your skin a treat.

Overall this is my staple right now. I am also looking forward to the colored cosmetics line which Liz Earle might bring out in near future

The product was sent to me by the PR for consideration. But that has not affected my views


  1. very detailed review nivedita. yes the coverage is so sheer dat we can manage d shades with a bit of loose powder close to our skin tone. but seems like i'm d only one it didnt work out for :/ maybe becoz i never went to d himalayas ;)

  2. I agree. It would work wonders in winter <3 Great review.

  3. I found it too rich for oily skin..

  4. i always skip moisturising coz of my oily skin ...nice review

  5. great review, you have written in detail which can help everyone before purchasing it, thanks for sharing!!

  6. Nice review :)

    I think it will work great as a BB cream ?

  7. nice review Nivedita! :)

  8. oh im too oily..so i can skip this one..nice review anyways. :)

  9. @ Ansh: Heheheh. Well said. Yeah. I might not have liked it if I didnt see how it performs in the cold weather. wait. Since you have similar skin as mine, try it in the dry Delhi chill. I think you'd also alter your mind.
    @ Sarah: Thank you. Yes. And the best thing is that it never broke me out and I did not need to reach out for moisturizers.
    @ bhumika: I agree.
    @ rids: you must not. Go for an oil-free moisturizer but do use one. trust me it helps a lot. years back, even I used to skip it. But when I started using one, I realized the difference.
    @ Raksha: Thank you girl. I try to be of help don;t know I am always that succesful. :)
    @ Divya: I have never tried any Bb cream. So, I have no clue :(
    @ Karishma: Thank you :)
    @ Kuheli: I see. I'm also storing the rest for winters :)

  10. u r loving this brand............ good review..


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