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Lumiere Cosmetics Powder Foundation

I have been experimenting with the base makeups a lot. For the last few months I got two of Lakme, Bourjois, Oriflame and so on. I am still trying out to find which of these is going to be my best friend. Then I came across Lumiere Cosmetics who were interested to send me samples to try out. If you have got the idea this is going to be a rave review, read on.
I had never tried powder foundations before and I have a plan to get hold of Bourjois Powder foundation pretty soon... errr.. not that soon since I want to finish up my present stock of foundation since they are not like lipsticks which you can wear in different shades with different outfits. So, technically Lumiere Cosmetics foundation is my first powder foundation.
I received two tiny samples. yes, by tiny I mean real tiny .

Medium Deep warm(L)  and Medium Golden(R)

 There are quite a few variants available of these foundations and the good news is that the shades remain the same. So that if one variant is not ideal, you find no problem. Just order the other in the same shade. They also offer sample size makeups at a very low expense.

Don't be deceived by the tiny pot. yes, it came in a tiny pot true. Since it was difficult to take out foundation which you would want to spread evenly on your brush for the even application, I put it in a larger pot. the quantity . The tiny pot was actually packed with the powder so the quantity was not that disheartening as I thought on first glance.
The variants of foundation that are available
- Foundation Bases -

Veena Velvet -
Skin type = normal to oily
Coverage - buildable light medium to heavy
Finish = matte
Ingredients = premium grade serecite (colorless mica), titanium dioxide, avena sativa, zinc oxide, iron oxide, magnesium stearate.

Flawless Face
Skin type = normal to dry
Coverage - medium to heavy, most opaque base, *colors may be lighter than other bases we offer due to higher levels of titanium and zinc
Finish = matte
Ingredients = premium grade serecite (colorless mica), titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxides, boron nitride, silica, magnesium stearate, squalane 

Luminesse -
Skin type = all skin types
Coverage - buildable light to medium
Finish = silky glow, not shimmery
Ingredients = premium grade serecite (colorless mica), boron nitride, zinc oxide, avena sativa, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, tocopherol (vitamin e)

Cashmere -
Skin type = all skin types
Coverage - buildable light to medium
Finish = mostly matte, has a soft silkiness
Ingredients = real silk powder, serecite (colorless mica), titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, boron nitride, iron oxides

Again, to help the shades, there are suggestions like for

Warm Foundation ColorsWhat it is- warm yellow based with red with brown undertones

Who can wear it- you look best in creamy whites and typically wear reds, golds, browns & warm greens - you tan easily, have red, brown or auburn colored hair.
 Golden Foundation Colors 
What it is- golden honey, predominately yellow

Who can wear it- women with all or mostly yellow skin tones - this can range from Asian women to Caucasian women typically with naturally golden blonde hair, brown or green eye color and have green veins.

Phew! That was pretty long.
Coming back to the products.

I don;t know how to classify my skintone. According to the Indian standards I'm neither dark not 'fair' to fair. I thought Medium Deep warm would suit me me which is the 5th shade of the six.
When I wore it to my language class my friends asked how did I tan so much in a single day. Indeed when I looked in natural light, my doubts were actually true. The shade was too dark.
on the other hand,  Medium Golden which was meant for Asian and caucasian skintones with yellow undertones suited me perfectly.
L: Medium Deep warm R: Medium Golden

Semi Blended

Here is my take

The goodies:
1) It is powder foundation so it feels good for summers. But you can also mix it with your moisturizer in winters to have your perfect tinted moisturizer as well.
2) you would not need a stting powder.
3) Though except fpr the 'flawless' range, the rest are supposed to give you light to medium coverage, I found these pretty good in terms of coverage. They perfectly hid my dark circles and other minor yet noticeable blemishes.
4) Did not break me out.
5) Little goes a long way. I have already worn around three applications from each pot, but much of the product is still left.
6) The veena velvet range gives a beautiful matte finish while the cashmere give a very soft smooth finish which I prefer.

The baddies:

1) They smudge. Lightly pat with a tissue or just dab your handkerchief when you sweat , it would all start coming off even though you have blended it propely.
So, if you are planning to wear the foundation for a matte look while going on a date, you have to remain 'untouchable'. No cuddling or hugging or you'll ruin his shirt and may be even your own dress.
2) The application can be tricky.
3) You have to order online only. And for us, we have to pay a hefty shipping charge.

overall while I like everything about these foundations, I think they could do way much better if they could improve on this smudgeability issue.

Do I recommend? I am in a dilemma. While I like everything about it, I am definitely not ok with the staying power.

What do you think about this? Keep it or diss it?

The samples were provided to me by the brand for review purpose. but that has not affected my opinion.