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My happy brush with stylecraze.com

On my recent journey of online shopping I got the chance to shop again! This time from stylecraze.com which has made me go crazy. Ok, this time my mum did not get annoyed perhaps because she is kind of letting me go. LOL! She only gave me a look!

Coming back to where I was, recently I have grown an obsession for NYX, They so so light on the pocket and so good! it all started with my NYX lippies!
When I saw this website also stocks a lot of NYX products at affordable price I had to try this out.

Here is my experience:
The website claims that the products would be delivered within three days. I do vouch for this. The day I placed my order, my products were shipped on the next and I go ta  complete invoice and tracking number which let me exactly track the parcel .I knew even when the box was out for delivery.
I received my order on the morning next after it was shipped out.
Three days! and everything was complete!
My parcel arrived safely through DTDC and it was packed very properly. None of the items were damaged
Boy! I AM impressed!

Why I would like to recommend this website?
1) They are true to their claim of delivering the order within three days of placing the order.
2) Over 250 INR, the shipping is free. Even urbantouch is charging the shipping cost if the order is less than 300 INR. And After my healthkart experience I am definitely impressed with stylecraze.
Their shipping and payment policies are very lucid and transparent..
3) Moreover they have NYX which is what I like the best! Apart from regular brands they have brands like OPI, Orly and the like which is really great. I remember how we used to whine because these brands were not available here.They have the other regular Indian brands too.

No kidding, stylecraze.com even has brands like Bourjois and Maxfactor at great discounted prices which I did not see in the previous websites I featured.

Why I would not? This won't happen because the deals I found were very good IMO and I am happy with my shopping experience.

What more would I like to see?
1) I got NYX long pencils. The colors available are limited. I would like to see brights pinks and red like Pinky, Plush red etc.
2) For brands like NYX I would love it if the price was a bit lower because the price is almost double the amount they are actually sold in the US. But then, the cost of importing and the taxes should be kept in mind. I really cannot complain.
3) I did not get any samples or even sachets which the greedy little girl inside me always craves!
4) I would love to see brands like my favorite Himalaya Herbals and Lactocalamine

This is what I got

Shall I shop again? I am planning to get hold of the long pencils and a few products from Bourjois and Maxfactor. What about you?

I got a shopping coupon to shop from the website but that has not affected my views.


  1. They are working fab na..even u got first lady ?

  2. wow nice haul nivedita !!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful review. We will definitely try & add more shades in NYX in December. We are adding more Bourjois, Max Factor & Chambor as we speak.

  4. @bhumika; Yes. Totally. I am lookinf forward to get hold of NYX round lippies and more of the long pencils when they dd more colors.
    Nah, it;s not first lady. it's a very very bright and vibrant color
    @rids:Thank rids. Suddenly I am getting more lip products again
    @Chetana: you deserve it. It was my honest opinion. I am very happy with the entire process

  5. Wow! Nice review.
    Love their site.
    Will buy soon from them. :)

  6. hey which lippie is that? so you getting all nyx n stuff..good!

  7. :) :) swatch them soon Niv :) all of us are waiting,,even m gonna buy some products frm stylecraze this week :)

  8. give the review of the products soon............happy shopping

  9. Inviting you to my fun fashion giveaway

  10. Me just ordered from there-fingers crossed :) :) :)

  11. i have seen the site.it sure seems nice.will check it out

  12. @ Vertu: Do give them a chance. You won;t regret.
    @Ansh: It's faces. Coming up with a post very soon.
    @Namita: I just started after seeing your comment. Hope it's helping :)
    @ Ani: I have started doing so . How do you like them?
    @Anu: Surely I would like to take part. Thank you for inviting
    @Anuradha: No need to worry dear.
    @Ammu: It's worth checking out IMO.

  13. hey nIVEDita, I love your posts and look forward to your opinions,but please try to take photos of products on blank backgrounds rather than on magazines,since it gets rather confusing to see it properly.

    Please consider this as constructive criticism only..!

    Love and kisses,
    :* :*

    1. I am not sure if you have been really 'looking forward ' to my posts and opinions because you are commenting on a two years old post whence this space has moved on way much. Hope you take a look on the recent post and comment.

      No offence taken :*


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