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Nail of the Day - Maybelline Colorama- Astral

 It looks like these days I'm really into manicures!! Reason? I have never cared much about nail polishes before. I actually never used to wear them. The transformation started three years ago when I whimsically got a bottle of black and he fell in love with it.
Even now, when it comes to nail, I am the greatest miser. So, I keep things in a low budget and we all know Maybelline Colorama are a good option because of the shade range and and price. Moreover, almost all the year round they have this buy two get one offer running which tempts me to get them all the more. I had bought this long time back and never cared to wear it as such. Don't know why. So, let me present Maybelline Colorama Nail varnish in Astral.

it's quite close to NUDE from this range. Only a bit pinker and brighter.

Which is your favorite shade?

For more swatches from this range click here

I am thinking of coming up with a review. I know all of you are familiar. Just to b on record . LOL

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  1. Thats a pretty shade..I have nude and love it..will try this next..

  2. Pretty one, very nice & flirty feminine shade!

  3. Yayy me hv dis shade n I luvv it

  4. i love colorama nail paints.......... the shade is very nice...

  5. I have this too & love it! You have such lovely nails.

  6. @ Bhumika and IBC: Thank you. yeah. On wearing this I changed my mind to liking it :P
    @ Indgal and rids: It seems like a quite popular shade.
    @ Ani: Same here. they are total value for money
    @ vanity: I am more fond of gothic kind of shades when it comes to nail
    @ pookie: Yay!! Thank you :)


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