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Nature's Brilliance by Sue - Lipstick

 I had received a few samples a long time time. I had reviewed the eye shadows then. It's time that I review the other things as well. With this dry season around, the fascination for lip products is making me reach out for lipsticks and lipbalms more often.
For some reason, I think recently, I am missing my quota or 2 litres of water per day, my lips are getting very dry. Lipsticks always come to my rescue. I have been using the shade Coral Brilliance from Nature's Brilliance by Sue and I think I have used it enough to review it by now.

Now, when I had received the lipstick, it was quite nice which it is still now. But blame it on Indian summer, I think it's the extreme temperature that the lipstick kind of became soft and after that I found that granules had formed inside. I think, since it is supposed to be preservative free, the heat might have cause the precipitation or crystalization.

There is not too much to say for introduction. So, let me share with you the pros and the cons of it

Price: 12$ each. but you can also avail discounts.

1) the shade is a lovely one to begin with. It looks very natural on my lips and apart from reds and oranges and fuchsias, I am fond of corals.
2) it is paraben free and is very friendly on the lips. It leaves my lips actually soft.
3) The lipstick itself is soft and easy to apply.
4) The color goes over beautifully and shows up like a natural color.
5) Does not have any odor at all. So, those of you who are sensitive to strong smells, this would be the one for you.
6) Being a mineral lipstick, this should suit those with allergic tendencies.
7) Shipping is not very expensive.

 Yes, I do give it  negative points as well, because
1) The texture although did not change much, kind of became granulated in heat. How do we store it in Indian summers? it would melt unless stored in fridge
2) The price is a wee bit on the higher side. but considering the skin friendly nature, it's still ok.
3) Available only online.
4) Pigmentation and the staying power could have been much better. It completely gets removed within half an hour on my lips and I have to keep reapplying which is fun but not very desirable.

overall: Although I like their eyeshadows and the deodorizing powder , I think I might give their lipsticks a miss.

What's you thought?

PR Sample. Honest review


  1. nice colour .. !! luvd it ... but yeah granulated ho gai hai ... weird haaa

  2. it leaves bids on your lips.............. shade is nice.... bt so many cons..

  3. is there any NYX counter in kolkata??

  4. the granules are easily visible.diff to touch up while out?

  5. These do have granules..dunno if they were present alrdy or coz of heat..


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