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NYX Long Pencils for lips

I have been hauling a lot and the way I have been reticent about the products was giving reasons enough to call me a tease. So, I decided to be a good girl and swatch and review the items I got. J

The happiest buy was perhaps NYX Long Pencil. I am in love with lip pencils I don't know why. And when I saw these were extra long I wanted these so badly. In  he US these are sold at $2 or 100 INR a pencil; while in India, the price is just the double 200 INR or $4 . Each pencil has 2 gm of the product which is fair enough.
The first time I looked at the pencil my reaction was 'Oh my!! This is too long!!' and indeed it is.

See the length compared to a full size regular eye pencil. It's kind of scary.

I so loved the chic packaging. There is a stylish woman printed on it which I loved

The shade I got is coffee which is somewhere between coffee and burnt sienna. I hate exact browns and this shade seems to suit my skintone beautifully. It kind of looks subdued , yet brightens up my face.

  • Good quantity even though the price is double here in India .
  • Quite a number of shades are available in this line.
  • The pencils are good quality. They are neither very very creamy, not hard. Just the right texture to wear it on it's own for a matte look, or underneath lipstick or gloss to make them stay put for a long time.
  • The packing is so beautiful!
  • Again,It is indeed 'long'. it's a huge quantity which actually made me fall for it

  •  Not easily available. It's only available at stylecraze.com. So the moment the stock runs out, you are stranded.
  • Not too many shades are available here. There are hot shades like reds and hot pinks and mauves. But unfortunately those are not available. 
Moreover, since only this website sells these are these seems to be the hot buns around, the lips pencils are not available all the time. :( I want more shades!!!
  • NYX officially I think doesn't sell in India and because of the importing cost and taxes, the prices are almost double of what they actually are. Although going by the quality and the fact that cosmetics are pricey here, I don;t mind it. But every-time I get an NYX I keep thinking how nice it would be to shop from the US :(
  • Won't fit into the small makeup puch in case you carry one like me. 
         Woman thy name!! If it's the quantity is too small we complain. if the quantity is too big, we complain, Surely nobody knows what we want!

Do I recommend? Oh Yes!!

Shall I repurchase? I am watching out for friends when they would come back from the US and I'm also keeping an eye on stylecraze.com to find out when they are restocking and bringing in the other shades as well.

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Disclaimer: I am NOT being paid to advertise on behalf of the website mentioned. My opinion is honest, in  case you are wondering.


  1. This is indeed a great product. They last pretty long. Don't worry though. We are getting more shades in December which are pretty much going to be in stock for a long while.

  2. wow! this IS long! :P :D liked the cute woman on it. :)

    btw: word verification removed. :P

  3. Thats a nice brown..the woman printed is cute !

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. lovely colour..cat wait to see it on ur lips!

  6. Niv, this shade is gorgeous :)


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