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NYX Round Lipstick- Indian Pink and Margarita

I have been seeing NYX round  lipsticks on the net and learning about their texture and the range of colors I was almost losing my sleep over them. I so badly wanted to get a few of the NYX Round Lipsticks. But I did not want to spend a lot, I mean I did not want to spend 400 INR on lipsticks that are sold half the price around.
Observing me maniac condition, my cousin's friend who is also my friend, Sayan, offered me to get hold of a few from Muscat. OMG, he took so much of pain to drive around searching for my list. But a sale was going on, so, the lippies were all the more difficult to come by. At last, he got to lay his hands on two of these and here they are... my beauties

What are these beauties made of?

Sugar and spice.. all that are nice.... hehehe.. just kidding. I'm in an euphoric state

Now, I would have loved to get hold of brighter colors, but these colors are very unique. because not in everyday brands did I ever find these shades.

These lipsticks were sold at around 200INR in Indian currency in Muscat. In the US you can find these at lower price and more lower on websites that sell these.

Margarita is a pink with fuchsia tones and orange undertones with very finely milled shimmer which imparts a mild sheen.
Indian pink is a warm pink with golden hints.
In both the lipsticks, the shimmers don't show up at all and goe away as the color fades.
L:MargaritaR:Indian Pink

One thing I noticed, each lipstick has a same color faux cap of the product color at it's bottom which makes the lipsticks easier to find when in a hurry.
L: Margarita R: Indian Pink

Coming to the likes and dislikes:

  • These are actually so cheap! The quantity is standard.
  • They are soo creamy! They would just glide on my lips giving a beautifully moist feel.
  • They make my lips so soft. Actually, they would even remove dead flakes if you have any, when you are taking them off.
  • They are so light on the lips. I put on and tend to forget I am wearing any lipstick at all.
  • the shades I got are very unusual and bang on! Both of these suit me so well. They are bright, brightens up my face, yet I would classify them on the nuder side. 
  • Amazingly pigmented. One swipe and it should be good for even pigmented lips.
  • The packing with the faux cap of same color as the lippie colors are a hit with me.
  • They smell good, but nothing overwhelming.
  • Stays on for a long time, but sans eating or heavy meals.
Ah, the rave would go on and on... but the picky in me still finds fault

  • the packing is flimsy. For the price and quality, can't complain.
  • It is so difficult to find these in the Indian market. In India, these $4 lippies ( moreover,which you can mostly find on discounts) meaning which should cost 200INR or perhaps 100 INR, costs around 400 INR or may be more !! I kind of hate to shell out that much knowing these are actually cheaper.
  • Heard they tend to melt in Indian summer. So, I don't know what would happen to these in summer and I'm sure I won't be able to use them up either. I would hate to say RIP to these

L: Indian Pink R: Margarita

These are only one gentle swipes.

The colors are so peculiar that they are hard to capture with my cam at least

Do I recommend? Yes! I very much do!!

Shall I repurchase? I am watching out for my friends who are coming back from US etc. :)

What's your thought? how do you like this?


  1. They both are very pretty shades! x

  2. both shades are damn pretty, will remember while purchasing nyx lippie!

  3. both shades r prettyyyyyy........

  4. both are just fabulous........... very nice..

  5. hi nivedita...will indian pink wash out nc 43? me loving it;?)

  6. luvd both d shades... i hav tea rose n i absolutely luv it !! indeed they r made of sugar spice n all dats nice !!! :)

  7. oh cool! i'm J :D
    margarita is very very pretty, i m myself planning to get it. isnt indian pink simmery? n yes i too thin it can wash us 'indians' out. named wrong :P

  8. pretty pretty shades Niv,, love both of them,,
    truly said niv,they indeed are everyday wear shades,,

    enjoy your weekend hun :)

  9. I love Indian pink, though the fragrance in these lippies is the only thing that keeps me from re-ordering, otherwise these are best bang for your buck lippies out there!

  10. @ bidisha: Thank you
    @Sarah: Yes. I so love them
    @manya and pavani; yes, I do recommend Indian pink of you like the beachy look. But otherwise I would recommend margarita more
    @Ani: Yes. These are my current obsession :)
    @ Fahee: I think so. Kind of but not in the ghastly sense

  11. @rids: LOL!! Hi5!! I'll check out the tea Rose, if I can lay my hands on these again.
    @Ansh: It's not shimmery, but has sheen. Errr.. It won;t wash out in the washed out sense. But yes, it's a nudely nude if you get what I mean :p
    @Namita: Thank you girlie. I'm in my lippie mood. I pair these with dark eyes and I love the effect it gives!
    @bhumika: Thanks.
    @IBC: It did not bug me that much. I was kind of ok. I'm so in love with the texture, looks like I took heed of nothing else :p

  12. Why dont I have friends who would take pains to buy me some makeup goodies??? All my friends do is to call my favorite stuff "oww-berger paints!"-morons x( x( I must say-these 2 are just awesome colors !! I wasnt sure of the Indian pink-coz it looked pretty light in other swatches-but its so clear here-I can safely order now :)


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