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Products that saved my skin from the chill

I had been meaning to do this post for some time. I wanted to tell you about skin woes and relief while I was traveling. You know my skin turns super dry in cold weather. This time it was no exception. Added to it was another factor. The dust. Yes, the road was dusky beyond your imagination. Every now and then we had to raise the window glass while we could not see beyond a few feet. The dust blast on my skin had given me a terrible rash on the second day. My face was full of little acne. At a loss what to do, I gave Liz Earle Three Step Skin care kit a shot. In the morning, I was really surprised to see the rash gone. yes, almost all of it.

There were a few left here and there, but 90% was cured.  However I had liked Liz Earle products, this incident has really made me trust them all the more and I now firmly believe these products are the most gentle on the skin.

 You can read the reviews here, here and here.

For the next few days, as the altitude increased, I found Himalaya Moisturizer was not enough. What came to rescue for both day and night is Biotique Morning Nectar Lotion.
Apart from these, I often used the Liz Earle Sheer Tint Moisturizer instead of the Biotique one.

Well, wearing so much of moisturizer still did not stop me from wearing sunscreen. Higher the altitude, closer to the sun you are which actually burns your skin all the more. I always turn very dark when I go up. This time was no exception. but I seem to have burnt less with Lakme Sunexpert Sunscreen with SPF50+++ and The Body Shop Born Lippy Lip balm is what I wore mostly.

Cleansers were also important and for face washes I used my regular Himalaya Neem Face wash and scrubbed my face with Clean and Clear scrub to rid my face off all the dry flakes that might have been bugging me.

For body I needed something very intensive and heavy duty. Biotique Suncreen lotion SPF75 which I found a miserable failure as a sunscreen, but a great body lotion, became my best friend. I also used Garnier cleanser.

Are you wondering why I did this post? Everytime I go on a trip, my problem skin gives me woes which need dermatologist to cure. I use tons of medication everytime I come back from a trip. The reason, I realized last time was that, previously I carried nothing but a mousturizer and a face wash which is not enough for what my skin needs. Moreover, genetically I am blessed with bad skin. So, it has to be pampred and coaxed to stay in good health which is what I wanted to find out this time. And really, apart from a little acne and tan, this time my skin has indeed stayed happy.
So, what do you think?


  1. me too use a few of same products as you do ... yaayyy

  2. Even till last year, all I used during winter was nothing. And I used to blame the dry air for the trouble. Then I found that even though I have oily skin and feel I need nothing, I do need at least a moisturizer. What makes me feel good that you actually take care of your skin. I should learn from you :P

  3. Great faves!!! The products look impressive :)

  4. its nice knowing abt ur skin care routine :)
    i luv such posts

  5. how much does the lakme sunscreen costs?

  6. ooooh u r a great fan of liz.............. i also use morning nectar and sometimes himalaya FW


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