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Rimmel Extra Super lash Mascara

During my initial days of becoming a makeup junkie, I never gave too much thout to mascara. but now I know the importance of it and I can't remember when is the last time I wore makeup without a mascara.
Even today, I don;t stash up on mascara. Only one or two is enough for me. So, you don;t get to see too many rmascara reviews here. But these days, I am keeping two mascaras.  One is waterproof while the other is not. On days when I might be staying out throughout the day, I wear the waterproof ones and on days when I don;t I like the washable ones which are easier to remove. Like most of you I don't like spending too much time on removing my makeup. But I would never do without completely removing all my makeup.

My recent favourite is the Rimmel Super Lash Mascara. Yes, I know this is not newly launched. Neither is this very new because my big sis got it for me on her way back from UK.
Now my review

It costs around : 4.99 £ for 8ml in  the UK.

My experience:

The good 
The best thing about this mascara is the wand. It's not the bushy one but the thin bristly one which seperates my lashes well and makes then look very beautiful. Since I already have long lashes, I don't exactly look for the lengthening ones . But this one makes my lashes look naturally beautiful. Used in angles, the lashes emain a bit curled and defined for a really long time.
Moreover, it's black. So, it looks quite natural and the best or worst part is that it is washable. You can remove this one with your facewash itself.

It is opthamologically  tested and it did not irritate even m sister's eyes.( She's a lens wearer)

I think there is a waterproof variant available as well . It stays good for a long time and have not clumped even after a year or more. it;s as good as new. I'm thinking about cleaning the wand when it finishes up and fitting it to the new one i it can be done.

 The Bad:
Since it is washable, this is not what you want to reach out for during monsoon unless you want the special melting effect.
Not available in India. So, I have asked my sis to get hold on another tube when she comes again

Overall: I so love the wand. The product itself is nice, but the wand is the best

So, what's your say on this? Try or pass? 


  1. wish we had rimmel here :\

  2. i think its worth a try!!!!
    nice review!!

  3. nice review..... kolkatai kothay pele??

  4. Nice review,,I too need a new mascara,
    would love to try this one out :)

  5. me hav rimmel lipastick!! sad we don't get rimmel here... :(

  6. I have not used any rimmel mascaras. But I sure would love to try em. This one sounds nice

  7. @ Ansh: Me too!! They have such a great range of affordable cosmetics. It's available even in Pakistan!!
    @ Sunaa: Agreed. 8 ml is really a good quantity
    @ Ani: post achhe. Didi diyechhe :P
    @ Namita: Wish it was available
    @ rids: I have them too!! around 5 or 6!!
    @Ammu: If you can get hold of them, they are a sure try. For me too


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