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The Body Shop Cottonseed Curl Boost Leave-in Conditioner

 The Body Shop Cottonseed Curl Boost Leave-in Conditioner

I would be off for almost a week. No, I am not going away on a trip again, but my room is getting painted etc and my laptop would be packed away for a few days.
before I saw goodbye for a while, since December is about parties, I thought there might be an interesting product you might want to know about. It's The BOdy Shop Cotton Seed Curl Booster leave in conditioner.

You get 150ml for 570 INR. Which I think is not too high. because a bottle would last you through ages.
Ingredients and what the brand claims: Read at your own risk:

What the site says?
 There is a confusion. read on.
Indian site: A long lasting cream with a special heat-activated formula to enhance curls, add bounce and reduce frizz. For head turning curls to be proud of.
Apply sparingly to wet or damp hair and shape curls with finger tips
USA site:
Cottonseed Curl Boost
Best if you want to:
Enhance your natural curl and reduce frizz with a long-lasting, heat-activated cream for curls full of bounce, definition and shine. 
Best for: curly or wavy hair How it works:
Cottonseed oil is rich in fatty acids to help moisturize, define curls and reduce frizz.
A maize-derived polymer helps to achieve bouncy, high-energy curls.
Wheat protein enhances shine and helps to protect hair against heat styling and UV-damage.
Community Trade organic honey and panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) strengthen and condition hair.
The confusion: The Indian site doesn't refer to heat styling etc. but the US site does. So, is this supposed to be heat protective or not?
I use before I blow dry or use tongs in my hair. That is, before I heat style. 
I also do use is as a leave in and it works fine.

1) A decent quantity for the price IMO. Because I have used this so many times in the last 8 months but have not managed to finish even one quarter of it!! one or two pumps is enough for my more than shoulder length hair.
2) It is heat activated. So, during summer, if you need to be out in the sun, and don;t want your hair to become discolored due to the sun, this is a good option.
3) Doesn't weight my hair down.
4) Comes in a pump bottle which dispenses just the amount required.
5) Doesn't make your hair oily or stuff like that. it's very light.
6) When I heat style with this, my hair looks shiny.
7) My waves remain happy with this.
1) Not available everywhere.
2) Has a kind of herbal scent like the Iraya Soaps, or Auravedic lotions. A slightly tangy smell which feels repulsive at first. But you grow used to it.
3) Doesn't soften my hair as such.
4) No added shine unless heat styled with this.
5) Some may find this pricey.
6) No clear mention in the Indian site about it's heat protective capacity although it is listed under styling products. The product itself says it's heat activated.
overall: I like it as a styling product since it nourishes as well as protects my hair at the same time. That way, IMO, it is reasonable as a styling product 
Do I recommend? Yes. But only if you are heat-styling your hair.

Have you tried this? What is your experience of it? Try or pass?

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  1. Nice pictures :D The product is very lovely

  2. neva tried dis one nivedita....

  3. I have straight hair Niv and really can't style them on my own,,slips out of my hand like anything.
    glad you liked it, curly hair looks so pretty Niv :) I love TBS products , they rally justify the price :)

    nice review :)
    so what color are you getting your walls painted ? :)

  4. I might give it a shot after reading your review. I seriously need a hair shine product! Thanks for sharing. xx :)

  5. I have never heard of this, but this sounds really cool with all the "Curl Memory" stuff :D :D

  6. thank for review-but I'm straight ;D I meant I'm a straight hair babe all the way :D

  7. I have not used this but I have seen this. looks nice

  8. @Gauri: Thanks. yeah. The cotton seed... curl boosting.. curl memory.. all these are pretty intriguing indeed!!
    @rids: Give this a try dear
    @Namita: I wont vouch for that. But well.. I don't feel cheated as well.. They are nice in a word.
    oh my room.. I'm getting mild golden yellow and one wall a soft yet bright salmon. :)

  9. @Sarah H: This won't give you shine as such unless blow dried. So, take a note of that for sure.
    @Tanveer: Hahahaha!! For sure!! The heat activated.. cotton seed... curl boosting... all that jazz!! :P
    @IBC: LOL!!! Stay straight then babes!! :P
    Ammu: yes. I would actually repurchase this one it is finished!!

  10. thanx nivs i was really confused about this one being a serum/styling product :)

  11. @ fus: You are welcome dear. Yes. it's a kind of hybrid


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