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The Body Shop Wild Cherry Lipbutter

The Body Shop Wild Cherry Lipbutter

Winter is here doesn't make an excuse that your lips would be chapped and dry. While ordinary balms might cure everything, we ladies, who can never make up our mind, always crave to try something extra that would feel like an indulgence. Being one of this tribe, I was on the watchout while I spotted this cute little tub of The Body Shop Wild Cherry lipbutter. In took an instant plunge and hola!! I got it

The tub itself has a feel good factor about it. The bright red lid instantly preps up my day!

Price and Quantity: 245 INR for 10 ml
Here is the ingredient list etc.

My description:
It's a lotion in summer and a moisturizing cream in winter. more liquid in summer and kind of solid in winter. When you rub your finger on it, the product melts and is easy to take out. it makes my lips soft and smells delightfully of cherries. Btw, I love cherries, which are hard to find here in Kolkata except for the monsoon seasons. if you put on too much, the extra would just sit on your lips and may be ultimately dry up. Putting on more than needed would also leave a whitish unflattering cast. Layered under a lipstick it works good. It feels like a sheer luxury for my lips.

  • Comes in cute little tub ( which many of you hate. But then, what are chapsticks there for Surely you don' t own a single lip product only?? )
  • It smells awesome.
  • It moisturizes my lips pretty well.
  • a little really goes a long way.
  • I won't say this is inexpensive for a lipbalm, but won;t say overtly priced either. I don;t feel cheated.
  • has a feel good factor about it.
  • Doesn't have a strong strong smell. The smell is not very mild either, but not sharp on the other hand.

  • Comes in a tub. So, when I am outdoors, I don't carry this. becasue if I put my unsanitized finger in it, it might breed germs. ( Or is it me who's being paranoid?)
  • Not available evrywhere.
  • A bit on the expensive side.
  • Too much can make your lips look whitish.
NB: A friend of mine hates this. While this butter works for most, her lips become all the more chapped and she hates the smell either. but that's because she hates cherries.)

What are your thoughts? Have you tried this? Love or hate?


  1. Niv, it looks peachy & yumm! I have only one product from TBS & it's their bath gloves, love them!
    BTW congrats on winning the awesome giveaway, have left a comment there on IBC's post about the winner :))

  2. Looks good! may try this one!

  3. Lip balms work better for me than butters except the Himalaya one..

  4. @Uzma: I have been eyeing those for ages. I wanted to get them, but my big sis actually scolded me calling me a lazybone ,too lazy to use a loofah properly etc! Had to do puppy eyes and quit :(
    @manya: Worth trying IMO. let us know how you like it if you get one

  5. @bhumika: I love the TBS lipbalms, but as indulgent items.I feel they don;t do enough for my lips honestly

  6. I guess I am like your friend...not all lip balms work for me, but I am trying to get my lips accustomed to these kind of products rather than petroleum jelly kinds..

  7. ohh i love cherries,,might try this one next time,,right now m happy with nivea cocoa flavored one, works good for me :)

  8. aah, good old body shop, i swear i want to buy everything they make. great review nivedita!

  9. and the pics are good too!

  10. what camera did you use?
    (i should have written all this in one comment na :/)

  11. but its not tinted...they should have some cherry tint!

  12. I havent tried dis one but himalaya lip butter works best on ma lips dis season ... D only thin is dat d whole process of application of lip butter is so messy wen v use our fingersd.. Chapsticks r quick n easy

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. @Rads: if these don;t suit you Himalaya Lip Butter is definitely going to work for you Rads. try to get hold of a pot and you won't regret I swear!
    @Namita: Nivea got a cocoa flavoured one! Never saw them! Must check them out now!!
    @Karishma: Arre, it's ok. I use just a simple point and shoot camera dear. It's A550 from Canon. Thank you. The pot is so colorful, it made it image better

  15. @Vanity: Hahahah! We never stop wishing for something more :P Yes, that is indeed a good idea. But I couldnt have worn it at night then. Achha, tell me, is it bad to wear tinted lipbalms at night?
    @rids: I always would vouch for the effectiveness of the Himalaya Lipbutter. but this one has it's own charm dear


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