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Elle 18 Dewlipz Lipsticks

 Elle 18 is the brand that girls usually get when they are in high school or early college. The USP of this brand is mainly easy-to-the-pocket prices, girly colors and good quality. Here is a review of the Elle 18 lipsticks that are my favorite since 2005! I have Spiced Ginger, Roasty Red and Spiced Berry (L-R in both photos).

These come in light mauve cases that close with a click. We all have them, have had them or have seen them somewhere or the other.
Weight & Price:
They weigh 4.3ml, and cost me about 60.00 INR the last time I purchased one. That was about a year ago, and with the Color Bomb range being introduced some months ago, I’m not sure about the availability of these any more.

1.   Moisturizes the lips well. I still prefer to use the light ones when in a hurry over lip gloss as it gives a very nice creamy texture to the lips.
2.   The colors are varied. From the browns to pinks to nudes to reds to plums, they come – or used to come – in boxes.
3.   The shape and size somehow go very well with girls. They are small, so you can easily carry one in your purse.
4.   The price is good too. The pigment is good, so a couple of swatches are usually enough to get the color on.
1.   It doesn’t stay for long. A sip of water or a bite of KFC chicken, and it’s gone.
2.   They are not easily available anymore. The local shops in my area still have a few, but I’m not much sure about the MFD so I don’t buy these anymore L
3.   I prefer colors that leave a pigment on the lips even when they are rubbed off. These don’t.
Yes. It’s not just nostalgia that makes me go back to these Dewlipz over and over again. The price is good, the quality is good, the colors are good. I could probably forgive the low staying on capability.
P.S. – I’m sorry for the low picture quality of one of these photos. There has been some problem due to which I had to use my mobile to take the photo.

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  1. i like them...........bt me have only 2

  2. I used to have two of these- candy apple and some mauve colour! I used to ignore them... kinda like u can always buy these.

    now with the color bomb range - both these shades have been discontinued.... now I can only look at those 2 and sigh..... how creamy and pretty they looked on my lips-esp candy apple, and for the price of well under a 100 bucks !

  3. Me too!! Roasty Red!!
    I still love them so much. Even though I have lipsticks galore, I always possess at least one of Elle18. Yes, I wonder why they hiked up the price so suddenly. I still miss the colors. Looks like Elle18 is not doing better in terms of quality. Because I still remember, 7 or 8 years ago, when these used to come in regular sized containers, the quality and the staying power was quite good and the shades available were exceptionally good which even Lakme etc did not have. Like Hot pinks , a shade I remember was called Beach bum, etc etc. I still do have a few. wait. I'll swatch them soon too.
    Nice review Simi. As usual, you write so crisp!

  4. wow this was such a great walk down memory lane my first ever lipstick was from Elle 18, I loved it <3

  5. @Vanity and @IBC - Yeah! For me too!!
    @Ani - That's the tragedy with most of us these days...
    @Viva - OMG! I had no idea of this hike :(
    @Nivea - ;)

  6. i think these were the best when they were silver ash pack of Rs. 45

  7. Roasted Red and spicy Ginger luk good :) I have the Luscious Lilac but I don lyk it :( Nice review :)

  8. I have a shade of Elle 18 numbered 50-and trust me-I have not yet found its substitute-these are amazing lippys at their price!!! as for here-I am into plums these days-so the Spiced berry for meee!!!

  9. @Ani: yes! That was the time I was talking about. These were such great shades available then! An the quality!! AH! I loved them
    @Raaga: I'm not brave with mauves. But Simi carries them so well!!
    @Golden falcon: Really! I had a shade called Fruitopia and it was soo beautiful! The only lippie which I completely finished up in a year!!
    Hihihi! We are all goping through phases now I guess. me into fuchsias and magentas! :P


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