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Faces Canada Nail Enamel Purple Rain

Faces Canada Nail Enamel Purple Rain

My hands are small, I know
But they're not yours, they are my own

--  these lines are going through my head as I thought of writing this post. This would be familiar to you if you like listening to Jewel. This was so popular about a decade or more ago when I was in 5th grade. Ok, make it 15 years ago!!
Now what don't we do to treat our 'small hands'? We get regular manis and put on so many colors each week to make these little hands appear attractive! For me, the brighter the color is, the happier I am.
In that bid, I had picked up this nail paint from healthkart. it was just an impulse and I couldn't resist the discount.

Looks like Faces is going to be my recent on the go brand. I am craving for plums and berries and purples this winter and and it Purple Rain-ed on me.
Faces Nailpolish Purple Rain in sunlight

This is how the shade looks.
Faces nailpolish Purple Rain in daylight
Don't judge a book by its cover. Similarly, don't judge the nail-polish by the tiny bottle! it holds 7ml of the product which comes for 99 INR ( 89 on healthkart, stylecraze,  etc).

Why I like?
  • The bottle is small and easy to carry around.
  • I did not try playing squash with it. but the bottle is sturdy
  • The brush is good.
  • Dries within a minute or two
  • Gives an opaque and even finish
  • Stays on for a long time without chipping. Say for 5 days . After which, it starts wearing off from the tip
  • comes in a variety of colors
  • Honestly, None!
If Faces doesn't get into the price-hiking competition with Lakme, it looks like it can be the NYX of India in terms of price and quality.

I would repurchase but in some other shade. ( I get bored of the same color too quickly). If you are like me who is kind of sick of nude colors and the same boring browns, maroons and babypinks corals.. etc.. you should check out these. I am looking forward to get hold of some more of these!!
Oops! My New Year's resolution!!!

Yay or nay?

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  1. Wow such pretty shade .. Hv similar shade frm lake

  2. Hi Rids. I had checked Lakme. Yhey have ourples, but not exactly this one. it's very diff :) That's why I switched :)

  3. really lovely shade.........

  4. Yay :)

    I love the fact its so glossy that I can see some reflection on nails :) and color is vibrant purple... likeee it

  5. i was looking for a nice purply colour, this should be my bet!

  6. this is a lovely shade perfect for winters

  7. such a beautiful shade... :)

  8. Gorgeous color Niv, You have got beautiful hands! I remember saying this when you applied a red color from Oriflame I guess :))

  9. love love love the shade! and i second that 'NYX of India' opinion.

  10. that color looks really pretty. I have never tried their nailpolishes, but it seems good. Nice review

  11. Beautiful shade <3 I love faces nail enamels!!!

  12. pretty shades, I have similar shade from streetwear, got it two days back. will post pics soon.

  13. Hey NIvedita, thank you for the review. I wanted to try these Faces nail polishes for soem time, but wasn't sure.
    And i like the ourple too.



  14. Definitely yayy,,,
    I love Faces Nail paints,, their quality is quiet nice, even I have one somewhat similar,, get mauving,,

    :) looks pretty on your hands :)

  15. Such a pretty shade! And you have really nice nails! :-)

  16. This is pretty, haven't tried faces enamels yet, will check them out

  17. me likes me likes me likes too :)

  18. I completely am bored with browns, maroons and reds and pinks. I think they should manufacture new colors every month. I love my Faces eyepencil, and am sure the nail color will be good too!

  19. @Ani: Thank you.
    @Divya: Hey! I also love shiny pain polishes. Not a big fan of mattes.
    @Ansh: I think it would suit anybody and would look good on you :)
    @Sahar and Novice Makeup: Thanks. I wasn't too impressed initially

  20. @Uzma: hahaha! You made my day sweets!!!
    @GGG: Thanks :)
    @Kuheli: Yes, the not too great packing, great quality and very reasonable price is very similar :)
    @Ammu: You can give this a try. Nailpolish lovers like you would adore it
    @Raksha: My journey has begun as well :)
    @Anysha: May be it's time to take the risk :)

  21. @Namita: LOL!! Yes. suddenly I am into this color! don't know what came over!!
    Thanks dear
    @Cherry Lane: :) Thanks you!!
    @IBC: Do check them out. I do recommend.
    @Samyukta: Hi5!!! We all flock together!!
    @ Bhumika: Thanks. Isn't it such a beauty?
    @Simi: Me too. Plus I hate browns!! Give these a try. The colors are so much of fun!!

  22. A pretty purple have to say :)

  23. Pretty Shade.. Loving it a lot..


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