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Fulfilling my fuchsia dream-- Faces Canada Moisture Rick lipstick in Ultra Pink

 Faces Canada Moisture Rick lipstick in Ultra Pink

I have never been a big fan of pinks. let's not even talk about fuchsia. last one year I have been watching TV serieses a lot and wondered what made the actors look so fresh faced? I noticed all of them wore magenta, fuchsia and bright pinks which made them look so youthful! Being not a big fan of nudes, I loved the idea and experimented with a few lipsticks in this family I have. result? Compliments everywhere!!
In that bid, I wanted a wacky kind of fuchsia/hot pink I had never worn before. So, I quickly got the Faces Moisture Rick lipstick in Ultra-pink.

Price and Quantity: 349INR I got it for 279 INR from stylecraze.com

Description: It's a vibrant pink I describe it as a shameless pink which would appall anybody on first appearance. But if you are confident enough and are comfortable with bright colors, perhaps this is your soul mate. Even I, who's known for wearing bright reds in the day time and wearing it well ( see what a publicity!!), got scared. But when I put it on, I loved it!! it made me look so fresh and bright!! I'd soon do a FOTD.
The lipstick itself if very creamy and glides on like a dream. One swipe is enough to give full coverage and stay put for a long time. It leaves a beautiful stain and if you just rub a lipbalm on it, the rich stain gives the impression of the lipstick being still there. So, you won't have to worry about reapplication that easily.

The swatch:

The likes:
  • Great product for great price.
  • It's moisturizing and doesn't dry out my lips.
  • Doesn't settle in fine lines.
  • Awesome pigmentation.
  • The packing is not flimsy.
  • Easily available at Faces counters and also online.
  • Doesn't have weird scents.
  • Great selection of colors to suit all kind of skin tones.
  • I LOVE the color.
umm... can't really think of any.
The packing could be a bit sturdier? really at this price I can't complain about anything at all!!


the other day I was telling you how I feel that Faces can be the NYX of India if they don't get into the price-hiking binge. Here is an image of NYX Black Label Lipstick from cherryculture.com to show you the uncanny similarity as well

Do I recommend or shall I repurchase?  Oh yes! Definitely! When my self-imposed shopping ban is lifted and if my fuchsia craving is still on, I am planing to get Pink Dahlia, Neon Pink, etc :)

This Christmas I am going reds and fuchsia. What about you?


  1. Woww...... Lovely shade Nive :)

  2. Such a pretty pigmented shade! I have peach blossom, first lady and pink wine from this range!

  3. a bit deep but very pretty color Niv, I love Faces lipstick's quality <3

  4. Hey thats my kinda pink... too bad, i already ordered similar one in NYX still thanks for such a detailed review. Was lil hesitant ordering the lipsticks from Faces now i can without hesitation *.*
    Btw any another great shades from Faces?? Want to buy in some other color

  5. That is a stunning pink! I always thought I didnt like spending on lip products but honestly i am in deep love with lipsticks these days , ofcourse the bright ones. This is def nexton my list :)

  6. Im not a big fan of pinks...I've never worn a pink in my life! This shade looks really gorgeous though...BUT we wanna see you wearing it!!! :-) x

  7. hehehe d shade is just awesum !!! ll def check out lipsticks frm dis range...

  8. shameless pink..describes it nicely. show your lips na ;)

  9. I have the Fuchsia shade from Colorburst revlon - but I am just unable to wear it!! It is just so out there :D ;D

  10. Hey Nive :) There's a little blog award for your blog from my little blog! Check out this post: Blog award for your blog

  11. i love fuschia shades..they look stunning on those who can carry it off...nominated you for the versatile blogger award btw so visit my blog <3 <3

  12. this is an awesome shade. and hats off to u, u carry such shades so gracefully. :)

  13. Beautiful! it looks so festive & fun

  14. fushia is always a hot shade to me........... so nice..

  15. @Lancy: Thank you
    @manya: Ha!! dokan khulbi naki?
    @PIC: That you.
    @Raksha: it's not a dark color dear. Refer to the swatch :)
    @justangry: Thanks girl. Umm... haven't got more. But I am eyeing the other brights pinks and fuchsias like Neon Dahlia, etc
    @MUF: hahahah. So, I am witnessing the change in you guys. Even here are so many friends who didn't like lipsticks earlier. But are now into bright bright colors these days!!
    @CL: Wait!! Soon! I'm getting a tripod :)

  16. @riddhi: :) Sure. Get hold of a few and let me know :)
    @Ansh: Hahahah! Yeah . soon. not going out much these days, so not getting the chance :(
    @Tanveer: Hahahaha! And I wanted that shade too. I had seen swacthed of it!! But yes, you can't wear these shades everywhere and not esp to your office!!
    @Lancy: Thank you dear
    @fus: Sure. Thank you :)
    @Kuheli: Awwww... *hugs* you just made my day!!!!

  17. @IBC: Thank you. Yeah! May be I'm in a flamboyant moon now!!
    @Ani: Hahahahah!! true!!!


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