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I won Indian Beauty Central's Giveaway!!!

You all know how I crib and cringe everytime I enter a giveaway; because I never end up winning . While lots of you win something or other every now and then, I dont! :( This time there was a huge giveaway held by our friend Pooja from Indian Beauty Central. Since I have been out of town and etc, I have not been able to enter so many giveaways ( I enter not only to win, but to spread the message around as well). I had missed this giveaway as well. Luckily this was extended to another day and I entered almost in the 11th hour. The result? See the image below!!

Since I wanted to click the photo right away, I did not have time enough to see what exactly I was clicking. But you are familiar with my bad photgraphy. So, I would do a better job next time with these only when I start showing off the stuff!
To my surprise, not only the goodies were there, there was a surprise gift as well!! My favourite The Body Shop Satsuma Shimmer Lipbalm. Yay!!!
I would like to thank Pooja for hosting this giveaway and also wish her luck with Indian Beauty central and the giveaways to come( which I pray again to win :P).
Don't forget to check out her blog which has amazing range of product reviews to fun giveaways coming up every now and then.
AH! How do you like the booty?

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