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Inglot Eyeshadow base - 01

 Inglot Eyeshadow base - 01
Hi ladies, I have been a bit slow on blogging for a while. You know the reason. Today, I want to share with you an essential item with which I am having a love-hate affair. Yes, the Inglot eyeshadow base.

This is a real hotseller here. I have been trying to get hold of it since err... last april. Finally managed to get it in September/October.

Price and Quantity: 420 INR for 5.5 gm.
Shades available: 2.  The 01 for lighter tones, the 02 for darker tones.
 The price is hilarious, you guessed why, but the quantity is not. You need just a wee little for your entire eyelid.

My experience : It is a complete lotion in hot summer and kind of slides around the pot if the pot is not placed straight. but with the mercury dropping down, it turns into a solid-creamy and thick product. you need a teeny-weeny amount.  I kind of just touch my finger on it and rub it on the entire lid.
In summer, it creased a lot. In fact, my Lumiere Cosmetics eyeshadow, which doesn't crease on it own, if blended well, creased horribly.
But in cold, it is keeping my eyeshadows intact on my oily lid .
But I don't regret buying. IMO, if you use a minute amount, the shadow might now crease. Perhaps I got over-zealous and put on more than what is needed. It makes the neutrals show up beautifully on my lids.


the likes:
1) it is affordable.
2) The quantity is good for the price. One pot would last me for ages I think.
3) Makes my eye shadows brighter. After which they evenly fade away.
4) Makes my lid-tone even and makes me look fresh.
5) Used on the lower lashline, it helps the eye pencis show up better and males them long lasting.
6) Has no significant smell.
7) Comes in two shades which would suffice all skin tones.
8) Only a tiny bit is needed. I don't think I would be able to finish up this pot in three years.

1) Creased on my in summer.
2) Not available other than Inglot outlets. But that's what the brand is about! Did you think you would go Inglot shopping in your next door grocer's?
3) I expected this to make my eye shadows last a long time. It doesn't do that much.


Blended: It makes my skintone every even and th skin smooth to touch.

The effect?

Shall I repurchase? I won't have to. After that I would like to try MAC's Painterly Paintpot.

Do I recommend? If you are somebody who is afflicted because eyeshadows don't show up properly on your lids and yet, don;t want to spend a fortune this is your poison. Just be careful about the amount you put on
Have you tried this cute baby? What's your thought?

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  1. woww-with the base-the color intensity in increasing at least 10 times!!!! I guess-those who still dont have the nyx base-can try this-they have almost the same price-but this seems to be better :) thanks for the review!!!!!

  2. I am using the NYX base...and it makes eye shadows pop too..and does not crease much..quite liking it..

  3. i have heard a lot about nyx base. yeah i know..last april :P

  4. The swatch with the base shows its efficiency,,but I don't use eye shadows regularly so would kinda skip it but definitely m gonna recommend it to my cousin who will be lovin it for sure :) :)

    :) :)

  5. wow !! look at d effect !!!

  6. Dayum! What a pop! Loooove the purple!

  7. difference in the swatch is amazing!! and which shadow it is?..looks beautiful

  8. I tried this Inglot eyeshadow base, but my eyeshadow creased within 3 hours (i do have oily lid) so I didn't pick this up, I'm still hunting for perfect eyeshadow base.. guess will have to check out UDPP

  9. nice stuff..............

  10. I have the nyx one, after using that I will also buy mac painterly post! :) this product looks creamy and i dont have oily lids too!

  11. The swatch shows how great the base is.

  12. Great review.The before and after swatches speak for themselves.

  13. Hey Niv :)

    I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blog award.

    check it out here :)

    Thanks :)

  14. @Golden falcon: I had wanted to try that one as well. But then, what's the point to gtting too many bases. I would definitely give MAC's Paintpots a try
    @Bhumika: This is the same as that one. because I heard even the beautygurus complaining about creasing with NYX base

  15. @Vanity: LOL!!
    @namita: let me know how she liked it for sure dear
    @riddhi: :) Yeah
    @IBC: UDPP is ofcourse better than this but even then, I saw in a few youtube videos that if you use it a bit too much, it would crease :( I guess the best bait would be Painterly
    @Ani: Thanks dear
    @Manya: Nopes. This is not actually creamy. It's kind of lotiony once it melts. Goes over matte
    @Shan J: true. However I may complain, I am liking it because it's the only thing that makes the neutrals show up on my eyes :)
    @Pandora's Box: right you are!!
    @Namita: Thank you so much hun. I'd soon do a post on it :)


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