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Iraya Neem and Basil Soap

Dear friends,
I have not blogged for a while again because err... I have been ill again. I still cannot would not miss blogging because I miss the wonderful comments that you make here.
Today, I would like to write about something I have been using for quite sometime and the time is high that I share it with you.
Do you remember how I was complaining of a bad break out? In that phase I stopped using all kind of washes and tried this Neem and Basil Soap from Iraya. Frankly, although it doesn't do miracles, it did do a great deal for me. How? It did not give me more breakouts and gave me a good cleansing which I needed at that time.  Usually, in winters my face turns dark. But that did not happen this year. I don't know if my regular skincare or the combination of products I am using is helping me this time.

Price and Quantity: 125 INR for 100 grams which is quite nice I would say given that this can be used for your face as well.
What the Company claims? Ingredients.. etc

Sounds nice. Doesn't it?

 I was apprehensive at first, but then, on reading all the literature, I pulled up my courage to apply it on my face.

And now, the composition

The ups:
  1. This works good on my facial skin. In fact, it worked good on my skin when I had bad breakout.
  2. There is no strong smell, but yes, a tangy herbal smell like that of Auraveic products or The Body Shop Cottonseed Curl Boost Conditioner. Only the intensity is less.
  3. This one is meant for typical problem skin like mine.
  4. Variants are also available to suit your skin type.
  5. Doesn't 'dry' out my skin. it's winter. So, it is natural that the skin would be stretchy. My skin would stretch and start chapping the moment I step out of the bathroom. But this time, it is a bit delayed.
  6. The price is not too high.
  7. The soap looks so beautiful!!
  8. You need very little. I wet my face and swirl the bar in a circular motion and then work out the lather with my hand. 

    The downs:
    1.        1) Availability. In Kolkata , it is available only in a hotel which is far from the heart of the city. It would take ages. But the good news is that you can but this online. But, I don’t know the method of payment.
    2.      2)If not placed in a dry place after use, it would melt. In fact the bar is kind of soft than regular soap bars.

    Do I recommend? It’s a good product. Still, noting miraculous or harmful either. If you want some feel good factor added to it, definitely, the factor is not pricey this time.
    Shall I repurchase? I would love to. May be I would ask him to pick up a bar or two when he is coming from Mumbai J

    The product was sent to me by the PR/Brand for consideration. But that has not affected my review.


    1. wow !!! look at d neem leaves in d soap !! i wud have blindly applied it on ma face seeing the leaves in d soap... :)

    2. I m hearing a lot about soaps these days! Even though i dont use them at all! This one does sound good! Actually i like anything with neem so might try this one!

    3. I love Iraya products, its available online check out their website

    4. I'm getting fond of these herbal handmade soaps, they don't dry out my skin :)

    5. Sound like a real HIT, and the price is good too... but I have never seen this stuff around in Bangalore or online :(

    6. looks great. i always have a weakness for herbal soaps. :)

    7. Looks really good, I will surely try this out!

    8. heard so much about this brand but is it available outside mumbai??? there is a small outlet in Delhi but other cities???

    9. so ds was d mysterious ingredient haan

    10. @Raksha: Thanks dear
      @Rids: LOL!!
      @MakeupFriendly: Yeah. This is nice. Worth trying.
      @IBC: Right said!!! Thanks for the info.
      @Uzma: I haven't tried a lot. But well.. may be the journey begins!!

    11. @Divya: You can look for it in their own website here http://www.iraya.in/
      @bhumika: true
      @Kuheli: Hihihi! ar ki ki fetish achhe bolto? :P
      @Swati: Take a look at their website. These are available in places apart from these cities. They mostly sell in hotels which have spas. There is a list of stores

    12. @manya: Yeah. worth gicving it a try IMO. janash kemon laglo
      @Ansh: Hihiihhi!! yeah! kind of :P Helped. Didn't it?

    13. It looks so fresh & fun!! :)


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