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Lakme Absolute Cheek Chromatic Baked Blush-- Swatches

 Lakme Absolute Cheek Chromatic Baked Blush

I had swatched a few of the products from Lakme Absolute Range. From this entire range, I specially fell in love with the blushes!! They are baked and they look so beautiful!!! They look like Bourjois blushes in the pot but I think they are slightly different. ok, I'd be doing a review when I buy them which is perhaps next week or so.
The blushes have different kind of shimmers in them.

Night Sparkle

This is pink and has glitters in them. The glitters were not coarse, but yes, showed up pn my hands. But shouldn't be a problem. They were not exactly chunky. This is very apt to it's name Night Sparkle

Night Sheen

This is somewhere between peach and pink and has shimmers in it which are finer than Night Sparkle. This would impart a nice sheen at night.
Day Sheer

I immediately fell in love with this one. The color is orange ans looks very close to Faces Burnt Sienna. The shimmers are finely milled. While they show up in close shot flash, they would impart only a mild sheen to your face in the day time. perfect for day and I would also wear it at night.

When I swatched them I found, the color pay off is good for a baked blush. Of course it can;t be compared to the regular powder ones, but that's how baked cosmetics are.

For those of you who are cribbing and cringing because these are not available in your local stores, check them out on healthkart . You can also use my affiliate coupon to get a 100 bucks off on a min purchase of 500 rupees here


  1. Day sheer for me Niv :) loooooks sooooooooo pretty :) :)
    have a nice day,,hows the weather there in Cal,,i used to love winters there :)

  2. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty shades.......:)

  3. @Namita: Same here. But I have too many blushes. Wondering should an addition make me a villain :P
    Ah! The weather is so beautiful here Namita. it's kind of cold, but not an uncomfortable one. Great weather to go out shopping :P
    @Ani: Yes! They are more beautiful in real. I clocked only with my phone na. So, the shades lok darker than they actually are :(
    @Novice Makeup: These are indeed beautiful!!! Loved each of them, but the day Sheer the most!!

  4. m missing my Cal days spent there now :) :( :)

    m smiling remembering my days spent over there as i am writing it,,those misty mornings,,vss,,yellow cabs,,trams,,drizzlings,,new market..omg :D my ramblings have no end :)

    enjoy the weather there Niv :)

  5. I got mine!!!! Night Sheen!!! loving it!!!

  6. me also want ...... :(

  7. Both are amazing dont u think both day sheer n night sheen are quite similar, plz tell me the difference so i can buy one of those two

  8. @Namita; Are you a bong by any chance? Where are you now?
    @Golden falcon: It's lovely and suits you to perfection!!! but can't take my eyes off Day Sheer!!
    Rids: get them fast!! :P
    @Manya: Nopes. They are totally different manya. See I also described. While Night Shimmer has glitters in it and is deep pink in color, Day Sheer is a burnt sienna color ( you can also say orange with mild terracotta hints) and has very finely milles shimmers in it

  9. Niv ,, :) no m a punjabi/sikh :)
    actually I stayed at Fort William for a very long time when my father was posted there, he's from Army :) It was long back but the memories are intact, infact I was talkin abt park street n its christmas charm a few days back to a friend.
    among all the cities I have lived in , Calcutta is the most special one :) loved it completely:)

    n ryt now m at Rohtak :)

  10. @Namita: Then you have lied in the most beautiful part of Kolkata. I love the stretch on Red Road, the trees, the grassy grounds.. and yes! Christmas in Park Street is truly enchanting. Not to leave out New Market. It all brings back the nostalgic charm!!


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