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Maybelline Unstoppable liner- Black

Maybelline Unstoppable liner- Black

I am very fond of black liners. Especially the liquid ones.But since I have to have a black liner and I heard that  Maybelline Unstoppable liner is on the go, I thought this might be a good option. I had read good reviews about this. But the raves were about brown ones.
Anyway, I paid 245INR for .25 gm of the product.

There is no story to spin about this one, no adventure, no drama :P
  • it comes with all the advantages of a retractable liner and is pretty on the go.
  • lasts for a long time and doesn't smudge easily.
  • Little goes a long way.
L: three/4 swipes R: One swipe

  • It's waxy.
  • Low on pigmentation.
  • hard, but won't poke your eyes.
  • pigments show up only on bare lids
  • Have to get at least 3 or 4 swipes on the lash-lines for the color to up. More on the waterline.
  • Pricey. They have better pencils at 200 bucks and Faces Longwear Pencils pencils are way better than this both in terms of quality and quantity.

I am pretty disappointed. But later, having gone through several reviews, I think may be the brown one is better than this black one. Anyway, I hate this pencil

I would neither repurchase, nor recommend you to purchase this particular pencil from Maybelline.


  1. black pencils are boring always..dats why no drama!

  2. This does tug a little..I have the brown one..but I like the shade and it stays n doesnt smudge much..

  3. Thank god in the last moment i removed it from my cart when i was shopping online! i kind of felt may be it wont be that good ! Your review confirmed me that I did the right thing!

  4. I think I glide and faces are the best pencil liners out there... its sad coz maybeliine rarely gets things wrong!

  5. I like the maybelline gel liner. They are great. Thanks for this review, will steer clear from this one

  6. thnx for the review...i wud give this a pass:)

  7. i hav not tried dis one ... :) thanks for d review

  8. @Ansh: EH! I beg to differ! Black can bring in so much of drama with winged liners etc
    @Bhumika: It doesn't stay on my waterline properly and the low pigmentation doesnt work for me :)
    @Manya: Nice! You would have regretted I think. At least I do regret buying it
    @Novice amekup: Iglide is better than this anytime!! But well, for me Maybelline comes is varieties and choices. I'm not particularly impressed with the ones available here. Bu still, I don;t detest them either

  9. @Ammu: It;s been ages I wanted one, but could never end up purchasing. Now that my Iglide has become very small, I might pick up the gel liner instead.
    @Megha: :) Yeah. I don;t feel this is worth buying as well.
    @rids: You are welcome dear.
    @Sahar Awan: you are welcome :)

  10. uh I don't like waxy pencils at all, my eyes water like crazy when I wear waxy kohl :(

  11. I have been using it for a few months now, and I agree that the waxy effect is a big down. Now when it is old, it's hard to apply it as it has become dry.


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