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A mini purchase from The Body Shop

I am now ready to combat winter in every possible way!! I have hoarded up on my moisturizers and body lotions not to mention body lotions and potions. Becasue my room had to be painted I started putting a part of my skin care items in a basket. Then I needed another. My father almost fainted at the sight. He asked if I am planning to open a little shop over here :p
Anyway, not to digress... ever since I saw this cute trial kit I was lusting after this.

Guess what's in the bag? Hihihihih... this is my futile attempt to tease you. ok. letting the cat out of the bag

The Vitamin E kit. it comes with 60 ml cleanser, 60 ml toner, 15 ml day cream and 15 ml night cream. It is priced somewhere around 1400  guess . I got a 15% discount and paid something 1200.I wanted to try this out when the weather becomes a bit more harsh. But on second thoguht, it would have been wiser to get the full size cleanser and the cream which together would have costed some 1200 bucks. On average I paid 300 INr on each product. I don't want to spend that much on a 60 ml toner or on 15 mls of cream!!
Anyway, later I heard this is sometimes too heavy on oily skin. But since my skin is super dry in winter, fingers crossed... hope this works for me.

How did you like the small purchase?


  1. cute lah !!
    apt for christmas gifting,,would look for it now ..
    but yes,,your point is valid too,,so m doubtful now ,,but still cute :D

    hope it works well for you Niv :)

  2. thats soo nice... i wanttttt !!!!!!!!!!!! i have super dry skin.

  3. Do review it, i have dry skin too, if its good then I may try this!

  4. I haven't yet tried the body shop products. Hv heard soo many good reviews about them !!
    Hope it works well fr u :)

  5. cute haul...............

  6. i wud also hav got it looking just at d cute bag ...lol

  7. 1200 for moisturisers!!

  8. The Vitamin E range is good for dry skin..since ur skin would be dry in this season..it would suit you :)

  9. @Namita: It has to!! :P
    fus: Then you can blindly reach out for it I guess.
    @manya: You have to hold on a bit dear. let the temperature drop down more :)
    @nikita: Even that's what encouraged me dear. Now, I'm kinda scared :(
    @Ani: Thanks girl

  10. @riddhi: Sure give it a try. You'd love it!
    @Vanity: Sometimes it happens that we are overwhelmed by stupidity and lose our intelligence and common sense :p It was that kind of experience for me :P
    @bhumika: I hear it works even for oily skin. let's see. The pack says that it's meant for all skin types actually. Now, I'm officially confused!!


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