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Monave Concealer Foundation

While trying out various foundations happened to get a chance to try out Monave. Monave Cosmetics sells mineral makeups. They claim that their products are suitable for all skin types and would suit even people with allergy prone skin. While going through the site I found that they have several kind of mineral loose foundation. One just simple. Another, which I got, is the concealer-foundation which should give a heavier coverage. I opted for this one since I have blemishes/tend to get blemishes.

What particularly impressed me was their number of shades available. No kidding, 15 shades are there to choose from. Moreover, there is a description with each shade about the undertones, finish and usually which ethnic skin tone the shade might match. I think although you can still go wrong with the shade, it's easier to choose from. take a look for your self here.

Coming to the foundation. I got to shades to try out to find which one suits me better.

Saturnina: For Latinas, Southeast Asians, Native Americans, or light skinned African-American women. Deep, peachy yellow undertones bring out the warm tones of this complexion. 

Mirabella: Mirabella is a deep yellow/gold foundation with some warm overtones for Mediterranean skin
Both the shades looked good on me and I'm officially confused which one I should like. But I liked Mirabella more because my skin has strong yellow undertones and it kind of perks up my complexion.

I know both the colors look light . But this is unblended.

I did not blend these completely so that you get to see.IMO both the shades matched my skin tone
Now the likes and the dislikes:

Price and Quantity: 33 grams for $19

  • It's a mineral makeup and is good on the skin. it did not break me out.
  • It blends nicely without much effort and spreads very easily.
  • The coverage is quite impressive. it did hide all my red infections and did not make the situation worse.
  • It stays put for a long time. I wore it for more than seven hours. My skin is naturally oily and I had blotted my face with a tissue. Although the foundation did not stay immaculate, it did not get smudged or wiped off either. At the end of the day, my red acne were still concealer. When I gently swiped my tissue on them, the foundation still did not go away completely, keeping my marks still semi hidden.
  • Both the foundations have very very fine shimmers in them . I better call it sheen . which you can't discern unless you are under very very strong light and staring at it hard , two inches away ( I did that when I though I saw something brightening).
  • The shades are easier to choose from ( compared to other websites).
  • They have this provision that you can buy a full size jar and a refill at the same time. The refill can be of the same shade or any other in case you want to mix. This combo also lets you save a few extra bucks.
  • They also have sample baggies which you can buy and test it out for yourself.
The Negatives
  • Available only online.
  • They have a handling charge of $2 per package.
  • Being a powder foundation, if you rub your face on cloth or tissue, a little would come off at first.
  • The shipping cost is very very high
Otherwise I find no cons. I would actually like to order foundation for myself since I liked this greatly. I wish the shipping cost was lower than this

The only reason I am apprehensive is that we need a waybill in WB which is confusing. It means I have to go to the tax department pay taxes etc etc which is a long process. Again, the bill is meant for commercial imports which is not for my case. But the courier people are insisting on it. There is also a confusion about the threshold of the amount which should come under this. Duh! So much of confusion!!! This is not needed for any other states! I wish I lived in some other place!

What do you think of the foundation? What is your HG now?

I was sent samples from the brand. But my opinion is unaffected.


  1. the colours are pretty close match for you. the idea of concealer in a foundation is actually what every brand should come up with. does it hides the scares and acne??

  2. Ya. My facial skin is darker and more yellow than my hands. Yep! Mentioned. It covers them up pretty well and doesn't get removed even after wiping with blotting tissue. But then, you won;t want to really rub it over the scars.


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