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Monday Blues

I feel very sad on Mondays. I feel so blue. I don't want to go anywhere and I just want to stay in my bed.But that is not to be. So, I tried to perk up my day yet wanted to reflect my mood in my makeup while going out. So, I call this easy eye-makeup, Monday Blues :P
Here is one eye

Don;t be afraid. My eyes are small, so, however colorful my eyeliner is or my eyemakeup is, the hood hides it all giving 'blink and the miss' kind of effect. It looks like it's there and yet, it is not.
Here is the complete eye makeup

I deliberately did not fill in the brows. Since my brows are sparse and people are used to seeing it like that, I feel framing it completely ( read doing it perfectly), makes to look too perfect and I don;t feel comfortable with it during the day time.

What do you think? Shall I fill in, or shall I not?

It's a very simple eye makeup.                                                    Products used.

I put a wash of grey on my lid ( forgot to shoot with my eyes closed) Maybelline mono-shadow in grey
Liner the inner corners with a white pencil.                             Maybelline Vivid and Smooth eyeliner in pearl
A liquid liner on the upper lid.                                               Elle18 Colorbomb Blackout
Blue liner on the lower lash-line.                                            Maybelline Vivid and Smooth eyeliner in Blue
A black kohl on the waterline.                                             Streetwear Kajal
Mascara.                                                                             Rimmel Extra Superlash Mascara.
No special skill needed and a dud like it did it. So, you can do it even better.

Yay or nay?


  1. My first comment on your blog.
    Keep your brows like that. Looks natural and good :)

    and i loved the blue eyeliner

  2. wowww so cute eyes you have!!! totally rocking !

  3. it suits you. but i dont look good if i wear anything other than black on lower lashline. well the natural look is good but trying filling them very very lightely and make people get used to that and take it further

  4. love the look, the blue really makes your eyes pop! Like the new blog layout, clean & crisp!

  5. blues suits you so nicely.............:)

  6. I liked the blue shade Niv :)
    nice punch of color :)

  7. nice!
    i wouldnt have noticed that you havent filled your brows.

  8. I want that blue eyeliner. looks great!!

  9. Like the blue eye look :) looking pretty on your warm tone.

  10. @Ice gurl: hey! Welcome to my blog. Keep commenting . I love talking to all my friends over here . Hope you drop by every now and then
    @bhumika: Thank you :)
    @Manya: hihihih. They are so small!! :P
    @Vanity: Yeah. I think it;s time I start doing it. Even I feel blank if I use anthing other than black on my lower lash line. So, I put on black on the waterline ( a light swipe).
    @IBC: yeah. The previous one looked too cluttery. But have to add some colors here :)
    @Ani: Thank you. Do you use any colored liner?

  11. @Namita; Thank you. I so fell in love with colored liner suddenly got a bunch of them. Now I'm having a hard time to finish them up. Not to mention I can't buy new ones either.
    @Karishma: LOL That's sweet!
    @Pretty in colors: Go ahead, you won't regret

  12. @Shreya: Thank you dear. Yeah. Being a cool color it creates pretty contrasts :)
    @Rids: Thank you :)

  13. ya i love green, purple and grey...........

  14. pretty pretty...! :) i like the fact that you used colour on the lower lashline and black one on the upper :)

  15. Ur eyes are so beautiful Nivedita :* :* Yeah suffer from monday blues :|

  16. Nivedita LOL he he
    finish them fast fast,,year end sales are coming up,,i can sense them coming lol :) :)

  17. @Ani: same pinch!!! I love greens. But, since I have dark circles, I avoid grey as it makes me more tired :(
    @Novice makeup: Awww... thank you. Yes. I'm experimenting with colors and your encouragements are making me brave now :)
    @Raaga: Hey! Thank you!! I so hate mondays even thoughI don't go to work :P
    Namita: This is bad bad bad!!!!!!!! :( I really want to go shopping!!! :( :(


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