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My Experience of Healthkart.com

I wanted to write about healthkart quite sometime ago, but somehow didn't manage to. I was so excited that I had quickly taken out the things and threw away the carton. So, no good photos for you.

Now this is my tiny haul

Since winter is around, I wanted to stock up on moisturizers. Although my skin is oily in summer, it;s extremely dry in winter. Moreover, I like to moisturize my face. because that keeps my skin very happy.
Sunsilk is my present HG ( review soon), I never tried nail paints from Faces. I also got a panty liner but well.. I don't talk about it here. :)
My experience of the shopping:
I had received a percentage discount coupon. But, for their any coupon to work, the minimum payable amount has to be 500 INR. But if after applying the coupon, you payable amount is less than 500 INR, all in all, you have to pay 100 bucks extra which is I don't find a very good idea.One of my blogger friends found her goods to be a little older. but that did not happen to me ro my friend or anybody else I know. So, I assume that might have been by chance.
But what I liked was that the items had huge discounts and your amount is calculated on the discounted price. moreover, if you order for 500 INR or more, it's a deal!! Since they sell regular stuff too, which we use on a daily basis, 500 is nothing.
I had ordered and received my goods in flat 3 days. They claim a 7 days delivery. My friend ordered from healthkart too, because she loved the bargains. She received her goods within 6 days and she was very happy. The pack was neatly packed and also was quite tamper-proof. Opening it was a big pain. :P The customer care is very very friendly. So, any issues, address to them immediately.
Btw, did you know healthkart is the official something ( forgot what) of the Lakme Absolute line. So, they were the first, anywhere to sell the goodies. You can check out my swatches of the line here, here, here,here and here. There are more swatches to come.

For those of you who had been contemplating some shopping from healthkart, you can use my affiliate link here to get a 100 rupees discount on a minimum purchase of 500 INR. But your ideal deal would be to shop for min 600 to  make complete use of it.
Have you shopped from this online store?

I was given a little more discount. But the products bought are with my own money. The discount has clearly not affected my opinion.