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Pantene Total Damage Conditioner

This is a continuation of the previous post. I have been using the conditioner along with the shampoo and at this point I have used several washes to express my opinion.
before that go through the directions, ingredients etc which you should

It's priced at 59INR for 80 ml

My experience: I use this conditioner after washing my hair with the shampoo. lately I have also tried it with my other shampoos in order to find out how this actually fares and to my delight, it worked great unlike the shampoo.

I won't digress . I know I tend to scribble away without a pause careless if you are reading this or not :P

  1.  It's cheap.
  2. Nice packing which is sturdy enough to carry around in your travel bag.
  3. It's of light consistency and spreads very easily in the hair.
  4. It is very moisturizing.
  5. Used with other shampoos that cleans your hair properly, it moisturizes and nourishes the hair well without weighing it down.
  6. Lightly fragranced.
  7. It makes my hair quite shiny and healthy-looking.
Cons: It is a good conditioner, but the problem is if you use it with the shampoo, surely expect itchiness and dandruff, not to mention stickiness. But that's not the conditioner's fault. it's the shampoo from the line.
On it's own, it's a good conditioner.

Do I recommend? I do unless you plan to use it with a heavily moisturizing shampoo.

Shall I repurchase? of course!

What about you?

The product was sent to me by the brand for consideration. But my opinions are are own.


  1. nice review. I am using their treatment mask which comes in a tub and its really good stuff! love it!


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