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Pantene Total Damage shampoo

I don't like heavy hair products. I like my shampoos to leave my hair clean and my conditioners to moisturize well. This is what I have come to prefer having gone through bad hair phase for almost a year in which I had experienced huge hair loss, etc etc. Now thankfully everything looks like in control. But one thing I like to do which is change my shampoo to avoid build ups. A while ago I had shown you that I got the newly launched Pantene Total Damage Shampoo and conditioner. I had used the other variants from Pantene and frankly, I had good experience. So, I had high expectations from this range as well.
But it turned out that the products are not what exactly I need.

Price and Quantity: 117 INR for 180 ml.
For what the company claims, ingredients etc of the shampoo

My hair is now free of any major issues. But the shampoo is very heavy. The consistency is light but it leaves kind of residue and weighs my hair down. Since it is highly moisturizing and leaves residue, on my naturally silky hair, it feels very heavy afterwards and it aggravates dandruff. I have minor dandruff isssues.

What I liked about the Shampoo
  1. It comes cheap.
  2. The package is ok. Regular. Nothing to write home about.
  3. It moisturizes the hair. My mum is loving this and she ships the conditioner. Her hair , as she claims, feels softer and manageable.
  4. The waves in my naturally wavy hair become defined.
What I dislike:
A lot
  1. It does not lather well. I like my shampoos to lather well.
  2. It does not clean my hair very well.
  3. It does not remove  the oil from the scalp
  4. and leaves residue
Point 3+4= Dandruff for me

    5. My hair becomes sticky on the next day.
    6) Have to wash my hair in two days. otherwise my scalp starts feeling itchy.

I don't think I can blame the shampoo because, Dove's Intense repair also acts just the same way on my hair. But I know it suits several of you. Perhaps because I don;t need the heavy miniaturization, Pantene did not suit me well enough too.

Shall I repurchase? No
Do I recommend? Only if your hair is really damaged and it's very dry. otherwise, stay away.

The product was sent to me by the PR for consideration. But that has not affected my view


  1. Good that you reviewed it. The way these actresses promote the brand, I was starting to feel whether or not i should get one. I am using Loreal 5-repair at the time. It's pretty good, though i don't somehow like the conditioner. I dunno why!

  2. @Simi: Even I had high hopes from this shampoo. But turned out even the other shampoos from this brand are better for me.


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