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Stylish+Slassy= Slassy? Review

Suddenly we, the Indian urban customers are going gaga. Our lust for things of beauty ( literally) has been all the more fueled by the sudden growth of online stores. Not only for those women who are busy, for those like me who are lazy as well, the online stores are a boon. Previously brands like Bourjois was not a well known brand everywhere. Moreover, it was or still is hard to find even in cities like Kolkata or Chennai ( as I hear). Online stores are indeed a good news to us. slassy.com  is such an online venture. This is a very new website which has been launched only a while ago. They are still in the process of coming out full fledged. Even in this short while, they are selling hard to find brands like Maxfactor, Bourjois etc. I shopped from them very recently.

My experience: I am not comfortable using my cards online. Moreover, I have a card which cannot be used online that easily. But that is not an issue here since they have COD ( Cash on delivery). Moreover, you get free-shipping on a minimum purchase of 350 INR which I find reasonable and affordable. Just to avail free-shipping spending say 500 is too much. While 350 is usually the minimum we spend on average. So, no complaints here.
I put my items in the cart, registered to create my account and then committed my order. it was easy. I received a mail acknowledging the order confirmation and the very next day, they called me up to confirm my order. It was shipped on the same day. the products reached me withing four working days and was sent through Aramex.
The box had 'slassy.com' written on it which makes it unique. The products were packed nicely with plenty of thermocol balls. I got two items all all of them were brand new. The lipstick was manufactured or imported last month only!! Everything reached safely.
I won't bore you with this long a post. So, let me hop into the pros and the cons

The pros
  • Nice selection of products. In fact this is the only site I saw that has so many shades of Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipsticks.
  • Has brands that are not that easily available.
  • Has COD option
  • Free-shipping over 350 INR
  • Sends products through Aramex so that you can trace your order accurately.
  • The packing was good. The goods reached me safely.
  • There are little discounts on some products.
The Cons
Since slassy.com is taking baby-steps I would not say 'con', but would refer as
what could make it better
  • More brands. Only a few brands don't make the site that lucrative.
  • There could be more offers. While other sites are offering heavy discounts even on Faces, a discount of 5% doesn't necessarily lure us that well.
  • There could be a tab for brands.It would make it easy to know all the brand available overall.
  • I would like to see more brands and discounts on this website. the idea of exclusive brands is good, but most of us use regular brands on regular basis.
  • I wish the darker shades of base makeup like that of Bourjois were available as well. 
  • They could include a little freebies. Even sachets make us happy. ( Am I being too greedy?)
having said that I would suggest you to check out the website here for once and who knows you may find the shade of lipstick you have been lusting over for a long time but couldn't find might be there?

My goodies

What do you think ladies?

I was given a gift voucher for a shopping experience. But that has not affected my review.