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Vega Professional eye makeup brushes PB-14 and PB-15

Vega Professional eye makeup brushes PB-14 and PB 15

I have been using Vega eyebrushes for a while now and it's time to review my PB14 and PB 15 brush.When I started paying with eyemakeup, eye brushes were the things I lacked the most. Moreover, in Indian market, we don;t have that many makeup brush brands, leave out the special brushes. recently Vega launched their professional brushes and I have been trying to get hold of those ever since they were launched.

PB 14 is a pencil brush and PB15 is a fluffy dome shaped brush. I had no expectation from them when I bought it. Even now, I would not say that they are the best of the brushes, but if you are looking for standard makeup brushes at cheap price, I would say this is your thing.

My experience:
The brushes have long handle and are longer than average Vega brushes. The bristles are packed properly and the finishing is nice and can be compared to real good brushes.

PB14 (price: 325 INR): It is the pencil brush . My most sought after brush. The bristles are really dense and picks up the right quantity of powder. The bristles are not scratchy at all. 
This brush can be used to diffuse the liner too.It's ideal place shadows neatly at the corners, blending them inward and packing the colors in the crease.

PB15:( Price 275 INR) This is the dome shaped brush. it is quite large and helps to blend the stiff edges of the shadows like dream. I use to blend my outer V and also blend the seams of the shadows. it does a wonderful job there. You can also use it on it own if you want to apply a wash of color to your lids.

See the long handle. To give you an idea, I clicked it with the regular Vega eye-shadow brush

What I liked:
  • Good quality brushes for the price paid. Moreover, at violetbag.com you can find these on much discount.
  • The bristles are nice. Bu this I mean, they are like what they should be, the pencil brush is dense and the fluffy brush is well... fluffy.
  • The handles are good quality and have the get up and feel of good brushes.
  • No shedding. Honestly, my first Vega brushes which I bought almost ummm... 6 years ago are almost as good as new even with regular use and washing.
What I disliked:
  • The handle is too long for me comfort. it also makes it difficult to store in your regular handy brush holder.. It is also difficult to carry around if you are travelling.
  • The brusles could be a bit softer on the domebrush. perhaps, had it been softer, it wouldn't do the job that better. No idea. But I would have liked it better.
  • Wish these were easily available everywhere. 
  • The bristle head of the PB14 is too big to place eye shadow in the lower lash line. But you can make do if you are careful.
Shall I repurchase? I don't need to.
 I am planning to get the flat topped kabuki for foundation. but I already have two Sigma F80s which I proudly brag about.

Do I recommend? Yes I do. Unless you are used to MAC and Sigma and don't look at less than those, you can definitely give this a try. You won't regret.

What's you thought? Get them or pass?


  1. my vega brushes shred like crazy but them they are regular ones. i have faces e's brushes but will look for this pencil one

  2. @Ansh: That could be possible. because I found the Vega brushes are not very consistent, at least not the regular ones. My first eyeshadow brush which I had bought years ago, is quite good still now. but recently I bought another, and the bristles are so scratchy and stiff that I use it only to fill in my brows :( I'd write a separate post on it

  3. I want the large powder and this pencil brush :) :) :)

  4. i liked both brushes, but i liked pencil brush more, blending brush i want a bit smaller! nice review thnx 4 this

  5. nyc review the brushes look quite good.After you get the flat topped kabuki for foundation do a review on that too......<3

  6. Hey thanks for review .. Ll definitely pick these up nxt tym I visit beauty centre

  7. Nivedita-Like the way Vega has revamped its brush quality & launched pro brushes.I might check these out.

    @Golden Falcon- Try Ecotools bronzer brush- its a nice big round powder brush and has better bristle quality than vega

  8. nice review..will definitely get this sm time,but as of now need to do more practising with the yellow handle ones :D

  9. I too have few of these,,but i love the blush brush from the normal range,,it works very nice for me, both for applyin blush and powder too :)

    so wats next on your list Niv,, m planning to buy TBS ones,,have u used them ?

  10. Hi, thanks for the review. Will chk them out. Today only ordered a eyeshadow brush from basicare in Healthkart :)

  11. @Anuradha: if you want the powder brush, I would suggest you to get it from the regular range. Shei powderito lagabi. Still, it would be an interesting read to know your opinion
    @Manya: Right. You are right. it could have been better that way. But the blending isnt really difficult even in my small eyes. But the pencil brush... *sigh* had it been smaller, I wouldn;t have craved for the sigma brush anymore

  12. @makeup chic: Sure. I love to flaunt my things and express my opinion about everything under the sun :P So watch this space :P
    @rids: Let me know how you liked these for sure.
    @IBC: Yea. Even I wanted ecotools, but it's not easily available here. We have some peculiar issues in WB, otherwise I could have ordered online :(
    fus: hahaha. How do you like those?

  13. @Namita: Even I use the powder brush which was priced 75 buck, 5 years earlier only, their blush brush and their lipbrush ( which I use for so many purposes) and they are fine. I like the eyeshadow brush to use the cream shadows only. ( The normal range I mean) because they don't work that great for powder shadows. Nah, I have got too many brushes. I am digging more into eye brushes. The TBS one has only one e/s brush
    @Indgal: Do review it soon please. I might pick up one or two for myself too

  14. ok,,well I need a good foundation brush (n a good foundation too ,, LOL) hehe that is why I was askin abt TBS :)

  15. I have tried vega brushes and I was so unhappy 'coz as u said am used to mac and sigma brushes. But these brushes are great for someone who is a total newbie to makeup. It sure is inexpensive.

  16. I wish India had a co. like sigma with some amazing brushes..:sigh:

  17. Nice review! I totally agree with bhumika .. Wish india had more companies giving quality brushes at affordable prices .. Btw .. Where do u get these vega brushes ? Does health and glow stock them ?


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