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Wedding makeup

No ,no. I am not getting married. It's not happening in near future! Day before yesterday I had a wedding to attend. I hurriedly dressed up in my mum's Kotah Saree which I love. I did not want to look too loud. ( Bengali weddings are all about gorgeous dressups). Since I was wearing the red saree and I cannot do without red lips, I decided to go lighter on the eye-shadow. On my way, I did a few test shots to find out how my new foundation was faring. So, I started flashing on myself. This is how it looked in flash.

 This is also the first time I wore fake lashes outside my house.

Yay or nay?

Because if yay I might do a makeup break down if you want me to. :)


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  1. You lokk awesome sweety! myy god ! which lipstick shade???? do tell me

  2. pretty look !! like like..

  3. Gorgeous awesum ... Beautiful ... Absolutely luv it

  4. WOW Girl, You'll be A Woman Soon! Love that fresh luminous skin and the red lippie and those falsies take the look to a whole different level!

  5. You do look gorgeous and the falsies look uber sexy and takes the whole look to a different level. Foundation is giving a luminous glow. Very very pretty :-)

  6. You look stunning! I loooooove the lashes! Which ones? They look so natural! Post more pics?

  7. Beautifulllll! :)) Niv did you apply blush?

  8. Super duper pretty nivedit- LOVE yr lippie!

  9. Loved the lippie :)Gorgeous Nivedita ;)

  10. so you finally wore the lashes out. u rock them simply! and reveal the mystery foundation!

  11. luved the lashes on you.they look so natural & ofcourse its a yay ;)

  12. @manya: Thank you :) I'm glad you liked it
    @rids and Bhumika: :)
    @IBC: I love the song!! I'm 24. I'm already a woman :P Hahah. Even I didn;t know I could wear falsies with ease
    @makeupbyeesha: Thank you. Yeah. Since this this, I'm getting hooked on to falsies now
    @makeupfriendly: Thanks. Hahahah! It's a kkcenterone. I'd come up with the break down soon.

  13. @Zestful Uzma: Yes. I did. but I kept it very toned down. May be the flash washed it out.
    @Mehak: Thanks dear. Yes. Even I'm so in love with it!!
    @Raaga: hahah! My favorite in the whole look

  14. @Vanity: Hhihihi! Thanks. I would do a breakdown in a post. May be tomorrow or today only.
    @Jyoti: Awwww. Thank you!!

  15. super duper pretty Niv :) sachi me :D

    I love red,,one shade that fills half my wardrobe,,
    the false lashes are making your pretty eyes look even more pretty,,ur glowing Niv :) n I love my maa's kota sarees too,,

    :) :)

  16. I had missed this post, you are looking so gorgeous Nivi, love love your look <3

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