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The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Shimmer Lotion

 Did Cranberry Joy bring a smile to me?

Last day I went to The Body Shop outlet at the South City Mall. During my last visit I had bought the Vitamin E kit which I am loving these days. Hold on for a few more days before I review.

I curious cat as I am, I wanted to check out the winter special collections. What caught my attention was the Cranberry Shimmer Body Lotion. I tried it at the store and I fell in love with it. Just that I am on this Empties project, I rebuked myself and did not purchase.I am a woman yet I did not change my mind!!!

Seeing my delight the SA asked me to try out liberally on both my hands and come back to get it later again. She also allowed me to take the shots. :) So, based on my one time application, here is my thought.

Why I would like to get it
  • The container!! One look and my mood lifts high!! It's such a  highly attractive bright cranberry colored bottle!!
  • One pump was enough for both of my hands. Don't think I'm crazy that I liberally out on things at the store. It's just that I thought I would need a pump of it which dispenses about a hazelnut size for my forearm. As I started massaging I realized, even that wee bit was too much. Having no other option I shamelessly rubbed it on the other arm.
  • It's highly moisturizing. My body skin is too dry. It remained hydrated until this mornin which makes it more that a 12 hour performer.
  • The shimmers are tiny. You can discern it very much in real light, but not too much in the cam.
  • Smells divine. I wore a sweater, even then my friend could smell me rightaway and it lingers for at least 6 hours.
Had to try hard to capture the shimmers

Who should stay away?
  • people with strong olfactories. The smell is not overwhelming in a bad way, like, it's not pungently strong, the ones which give me head-aches, but quite strong.
  • The price. 775 INR for 250 ml!! But then, going by the quantity required and the reasons I liked, this is a sheer indulgence!!!
So, I don;t mind. Once my Dove Shimmer lotion is finished I am definitely going to get this. What about you?

Disclaimer: I do Not own this product. But this post is based on my one time try. it's not a review, but my impression I could not resist sharing.


  1. Nivs you are killing me with all these nice posts and amazing products! :( i want i want! but 775! :'(

  2. The shimmer looks lovely, but I guess it has to be limited to nice events, since you don't wanna look like the Cullens, running everyday errands.

  3. I tag you!


  4. Of course I'm doing this!!

  5. i dont have anything shimmery. NEED to get this asap. but i will wait for the summers

  6. @SegmentsofLife LOLOLOLOLLLLL!! I actually laughed out loud when I read your line, so awesome!

    This body shop one looks soo pretty but I agree...I've got a huuuge tub of Elle Macpherson gold shimmer lotion which I love to use on the beach but I havent been on enough holidays to get through even half of it! And I've got a silver shimmer from Next which is gorgeous too but barely used. I think I should join you on your empties resolution! lol

  7. I totally love the packaging of cranberry range, they launched it last year I think. But I found the smell too overpowering, I liked the vanilla range more. But if you like it do grab it as its limited edition, but I think they'll be having a sale shortly so you could wait it out.


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