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The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation SPF 30

The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation SPF 30

Hey lovely ladies, it's so cold here in Kolkata. of course it's not as cold as it is in Delhi, but it's cold enough to make me wish to get back to bed. 

You know, my skin turns very dry in winters. This year, it was humid even in winter ( had spells of rain). So the weather was not too dry. For some time, I have gone bonkers about base makeup and I thought of trying The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid foundation sp30 which I heard was a moisturizing one. So I thought of giving it a try.

Price:  1295 INR for 28ml

My shade is 305 Natural Beige

My thoughts:
There are quite a few shades to match skin tones both cool and warm, light and dark. Mine is the 5th shade I think.

What I liked:
It's a very very pigmented foundation which is medium coverage and can be layered to full coverage without looking cakey. It blends quite easily with my fingers as well as with a foundation brush.
The best part is that my face looks glowy and smooth with all the imperfections smoothed out.

But well, it is quite heavy on the skin. I am used to my Bourjois Healthymix and I do believe those foreign bloggers who claimed that the Bourjois HM is even better than Dior or Chanel. Compared to that I 'felt' I was wearing something on my skin.
On my oily-combination skin, it turned quite oily after about 5 hours. But then, there is the best part. I just blotted the oil with my tissue and retouched with a compact. Things looked just as fresh as it was applied. Nothing got blotchy or patchy. In short the foundation, even after blotting etc, stays quite in place.
It is quite waterproof I should say, and doesn't go away if simply washed. I have to use a good clanser to get rid of everything.
Even though it has Olive oil, it never broke me out. So, I think while Healthymix would be my HG in summers,TBS Extra virgin Mineral Foundation can be my poison in winter since it also contains spf30!!

What I disliked:
I don't know what's with the SAs. If I ask them if it matches my tone, they ask if I want to wear it at night or in the day time. If it's at night, they tend to give a shade lighter. I asked the SA to 'match' my skintone as it is. In order to do that, she became overzealous and gave me a shade darker. A shade darker of course blends into my skin without looking like I 'have foundation on' because in stead of 'white', I look 'dark'. Dark skin doesn't mean there is make up according to popular belief. Consequence? I look pretty tanned . My neck is way lighter than my face. :(
But that is not the product's fault!
It is heavy on the skin and turns oily on my oily-combination skin

See the difference? The ineer part of my arm is of course lighter than my face, but not this light! IMo just as looking white is not a good foundation match, looking darker is not either. I really wish everywhere the SAs were trained on this.

Shall I repurchase? I would, but in a shade lighter next winter for sure since I know my ideal match in this range.

Do I recommend? The dry skinned beauties would love this one. Moreover, its a foundation-mousturizer-sunscreen all in one go and doesn't show up in flash ( tried and tested). So, this would be my winter foundation next winter as well.

What do you think of it ladies?

The product was given to me by the brand for consideration. But that has not affected my opinion.


  1. a total failure to match

  2. oh this is way darker. i thought SAs hv this habit of giving lighter colors, ab toh darker colors se bhi careful rehna padega! and waise nice review :)

  3. 1295 for a darker shade you must get back and claim an exchange .. bad SA :O

  4. hey glad that the product worked though not the shade!! for me it didnt quite suit me :( it felt too dry and heavy-heavy :(

  5. hmmm it's dark for your skin tone, you can use it for correcting some part of your face.

  6. I can clearly see the darker shade of foundation, same thing happened with me. SA's must have trained in this. :(

  7. bad bad bad SA ! they seriously put an awful lot of makeup n look horrible .. to top it all - they re extra smart !

  8. oh..u got the darker shade :( Ya its oil based..I guess more suitable for dry skin..works for winters though :)

  9. I can make out the difference between your skin tone and the foundation........these SAs at times try selling anything.The one I found at TBS was surprisingly nice and didn't tell me the foundation was my match made in heaven;)

  10. nice review:..jus reinforces that i shud buy this :)

    1. Yeah, give it a try. Don't think you'd dislike

  11. I have heard nice reviews about it, but never bought due to the price, its quite high!Seriously many a times I have faced same situation, these SAs think themselves as Vimi joshi or Shanaaz hussain really!

  12. @all: I agree. it's a good product, but the wrong shade. Since I know my right shade now, I am so getting this again if these are around next year as well.

  13. its a good product and a bestseller

  14. The shade is definitely too dark for you, hope you can make it work, I have a whole bunch of foundations cluttering my vanity, just 'coz of wrong shades :(


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