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Clinique Eye-shadow and Blush-on Combo

Clinique Eye-shadow and Blush-on Combo
 bySimantini Sinha

As I requested Nivedita, I need a little bit of ‘khocha’ or nudge to do things that are not regular. So after a long and lazy hiatus, here I am!
Today I am going to give you a review of the Clinique combo of eye-shadow and blush-on.


Price – It was a gift. :)

Amount – 1.2gm for the eye-shadows, 1.7gm for the blush-on.
As you can see, there are 3 different cakes of the three colors. However, if you go by the word of mouth, the amount is reasonably good even when you use them on a regular basis.
Size – I thought it might be helpful if I give you an approximate idea of the size of the box. It is a 4 x 4cm box, with a mirror on the inner cover.

Colors – I am a huge fan of the neutral colors and couldn’t thank my favorite Fulpishi enough when she got me these!

The brown – Chocolate Chip – goes great with evening wear. I am not a big fan of shimmer shadows. They make me feel self-conscious. So the Chocolate Chip brown is ideal for me when I am going out in the evenings.
The pale one – French Vanilla – works good for highlighting the eyebrow bone. It does not shine, and gives a natural high bone look. Also during the days, when I like to keep the makeup natural, I use French Vanilla as the whole eye-shadow – both on the upper eyelid and on the inner corners to get a light eye makeup.
The “soft pressed powder blush” is in Pink Blush color. I am bit on the fair side, so this shade goes well with my skin tone. However, the irony is that I rarely use blush-on. I use this shade mostly as an eye-shadow!

Thumbs Up
1.   The colors are neutral. So they go with the regular look. For an office look, you will find these colors a huge help.
2.   The box is compact and with a mirror.
3.   The pigment is legen-dary!! You need just a little bit to keep it going for the day.
4.   The cakes are tightly compressed so that even they look small in size, the amount in it is really good. #pocket size atom bomb :P
5.   The colors stay for a long time. Whenever I am going out for a long day, I use one of these shades so that I don’t have to stop for touch-ups!

Thumbs Down
1.   There is no brush with the pack. I use my eye shadow brush with a long handle. But if you want to carry it in a small purse, you’ll have to carry a cotton swab or mini eye shadow brush with it.
2.   I have no clue if they are available in Kolkata. I hope they are. I preserve my precious with utmost care in the fear I will never find them once they are finished!

Even though I got this combo pack as a gift (thanking my Fulpishi for the umpteenth time, at least here),  I would love to get this if it comes within a range of 200-300INR. I have no idea how much it costs.

Since Simatini or our Simi is by now a regular contributor, I am not introducing to her anew. Old friends need no introduction. This wonderful person shared her zeal in makeup in the University. The doll is actually a beauty with brains. This deadly combo has amounted to contributing to my blog as well as starting a blog of her own as well. For a peep into a thoughtful woman's world, surely check out her blog Dare to Dream here.


  1. Me too will haul it if its priced around that range, but I am sure it wont be :( :(

  2. the top shade is so nice...

  3. This looks so lovely!

  4. i luvd all d shades.... perfect !!

  5. cute little compact! :-)

  6. @all - yes, the colors are very handy and the box is hardly half a cm thick, so you can easily put it in the thinnest of purses!

  7. Wowww this one would be so good during traveling na. very nice stuff


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